The target 

Kelly Dearborn works though her tears. She was now  on a mission. She was turning hardship into a mission. She seemed to be focused on life . She had a young daughter and had started a business. That was not her life’s goal. She had a different goal.

Craig Walter craven. A few years ago he asulted her. She was determined to bring him to Justice. She kept tabs on him. She used prohets form her business to gather evidence on him. She was not going to to let him out of her sighs.she would not rest until he paid for what he did. 

She hired private investigators.She knew everything about him. She was careful to do everything according to the law. She tried not to break any laws. She had a law degree so she knew the law. She knew what was legal and not. She also knew what she could get away with. She believed in the rule of law.she believd that the fact that he was free was a travisty. He should be in jail. As long as he was free there was no justice. There was no law. 

In her mind she held up her part of the social compact. She obeyed the law. She did not so much as violate graphic laws. She paid her taxes.she worked hard. She did not so much as liter. the law failed her. The law did not meet its part of the Bargin. 

She kept tabs on him. She followed all of his socal media accounts. She said odd paturns. She kept  notebooks filled with notes on him.she kept a journal as well. She had tons of notebooks already.

There was a knock at the door. She closed the door she locked the door. “Come in!”Kelly said. The door was her sister Kat and her daughter marea. “Mommy!”she said.”hi Mia!” She said as she picked her up.”you OK Kell. You seam a bit rattled. ” Her sister said.”oh no I’m fine !”she said. ” Are you sure ? ” Kat asked. ” Yes I am”she said. 

Kat did not believe her.she decided not to press the issue. Kat was worried about her sister. She has always been protective of her. Even now more so. Lately Kelly had become even more and more secretive. She had no idea why.It concerned her. 

After a while Kat left. Kelli got back to work. She got back to her other job. Her task of making the world safe form Craig Walter craven. Craven seemed normal. He did not appear to be dangerous. He looked attractive. He seemed nice. He was dangerous.  

She had stalked him for a while. He loved anything automotive. He owned a motorcycle. He owned a snowmobile and a boat. He loved car racing and sports.He was a no I formation person when it came to the news. His knowledge of the news came from ESPN whenever a host of a sport talk smiled in political talk. He did not vote.he had never been registered to vote.

She noticed that six months ago he became very knowledgeable. He suddenly nada. Interest in politics. He started liking various news network in Facebook.he routinely shared news stories. It went form a casual interest to an all out obsession. 

Aperently his brother got sick. He used medical Marijuana. He was arrested .The date he lived in did not have medical marijuana laws. This led Craig to become more and more libertarian. He came to hate big government. He started to become paranoid. He started believing in conspiracy.hestqrted to blame everything on the united Nations and the new world order. He felt compelled to conservative far right even white supremacists and antisemi. 

He was starting to view the sauce of all his problem the new world order father then deal with his problems. He became obsessed with a high man. He blamed all his life problems on the federal government and these shadowy groups that proper it up. It was all ins his mind. To him it was real. 

You can’t fight a concept. You can’t defeat it. Eventually his anger was directed a t a single man. Kelly was convinced that he was not all talk. He was a serial rapist. Now he was going to act on this. She believed he was a ticking time bomb. She knew she had to stop him.