Hospital tears 

Keri brandt had seemed to have it all. She had just completed her freshman year at colege. She was looking froward to summer. She was going to be working ata sumer camp most of the sumer. 

She had some time off before then.her parents and siblings and her were going to go on vacation first.  They were going to rent a cabin in another sate. She was looking froward to spending time with her family. She was not exactly home sick but was happy to see them. 

She knew that going off on her own was part of life.  It was part of growing up. She wanted to enter adult hood but she knew her relationship would her family was enrering a new phase. During this vavation she could reconect. Time could slow down at least for a short time. 

It was a couple weeks after she came home from colege that the family left for vacation.  No one knew that life would never be the same. 

While on the intersate a driver in a semi had a heart attack. He tried to pull over. The semi could not stop on a dime. Keri’s dad was driving the mini van. He tried to clear the van away from the semi. The van was hit. 

The van slid and hit a tree. The kids screamed. How could they not. Keri was knocked unconscious.

She woke up . she felt grogy. She had no idea where she was. For a split seccond she did not know who she was. She then Remember the crash. She saw the iv tubes. She wore a hospital gowan.she got agitated. Alarms went off.

“Kere your ok. Its me its your sister Melissa.  ” she said.A nurse came in. “Your ok keri. ” melisa said. Melissa hugged her sister. 

Melissa was four years older then keri. Melisa was maried and had a child. She was called and raced hear. Melissa calmed her down. 

“I remember a car crash.”keri said.”you have a gash on your head.we gave you a few sitches. You have some sitches on your knee. Your going to be fine. You will be sore for a while.  Like i said you will be fine. ” the nurse said. 

“How is everyone else?” keri asked.”tracy got some scrapes and bruses. She is ok.  Kevin has a broken arm but other wise he is fine. Victoria and Katherine have some scrapes and darin has a broken leg. ” the nurse said. 

“What about mom and dad?” keri asked. Neither the nurse nor Melissa wanted to tell her. Melisa and the nurse talked non verbally.  Finaly melisa felt like she had clearence to tell her the truth.  Keri knew something was up.  

“Kere mom and dad did not make it. They were killed almost instently. Im so sory. ” Melissa said. Keri tried to fight back the tears. It was a losing battle. She eventually gave up. Keri and melisa huged. 

“I am realy sory. If there is anything you. Need. Please tell me. We have a very good pastoral staf. I can get them if they you need them. ” the nurse said.  

Keri was kept for observation but was allowed to leave the next day. She changed from the hospital gowan to a black shirt ,gray skirt and flip flops. She was whealed to the front.  She met up with her siblings. 

They drove home. It took a few hours to get home. Melissa and keri took turns driving. ” look i will do whatever i can to help out. Don and the babby will come up once we work out the details for the funeral. We will have to be work out mom and dads esate. We will have to figure things out with the kids. ” Melissa said.

They went home. They all were tired.the youngest kids went to bed.darrin was 14 years old. Kathrine was eught,victoria six kevin was four and Tracy was two. 

After a while the door rang. She answered it. It was tim. Tim was a friend of keri at colege. “What are you doing hear?’keri asked. “I wanted to check up on you. I am so sorry.  ” tim said 

She gave him a hug. He held on to her. They were not boyfriend and girlfriend. They had never been. They were friends. He wanted it to be more. He never felt free to do that. 

He let cry for a bit. She leened into her soulder. They said almost nothing for twenty minutes or so.”i am so glad that you are hear. “She said. “Your not alone keri.”tim said. “Thanks”  he said. 

After the funeral, big decisions had to be made.  The house was willed to Melissa.  Melissa and don rented an apartment.  Don worked at a compony as a mid level manager. Don could transfer to the branch in the city where the house was.

It was decided that Melissa and the baby would go to the new house. Don would see them over the weekend until the transfer went though. 

Melisa and keri would raise the little kids . keri would transfer to a cominity colege near the house. She and tim kept in contact. Tim checked up on her as much as he could.  

Evenualy tim graduated from colege and moved closer to them.  They got together. They got maried and moved near the home.  They helped raise the kids. They had children of there own.

Tim helped her get though the greef she was going though.he did everything he could to help. It was not perfect but they made it work. 

The end.


The man who cant cry 

Dillon robinson has a normal life. He is 27 years old. He owns a smal business.  He is not a genus but is very inteligent in many ways. To see him you would never think anything was up with him. He has an unusual dificulty. He has never cried. 

He has a very rare condition. He was born without tear ducts. He is medically incapible of crying. 

When he was born he did not cry. He was moving. He was alive. He was healthy . he just could not cry.he still developed langrege skills. He developed normally. He lived a normal life. 

It was not something that really came up. A lot of guys are enotionally detached any ways. He was able to hude this deficentcy quite easily. 

As a kid he went though a lot of test. When he was a baby the doctors were alarmed at first. He was closely monitored especially in his younger years.  He had a normal life. There was a dificulties.

When the beloved fanily cat was run over by a car,his parrents and siblings were devisated. He was stoic.his brother and sister were mad at him fo. Not caring.  His parents tried to stic up for him. 

At school dillon was riduculed by fellow class mates for not being afected by the death of a beloved math teacher who died of a heart attack. He felt strange and ended ckasd early. He went to the bathroom and died. A student found him.

The entire school was shocked and alarmed.  There were a lot of tears.yet dillon apeared to be totally unphased by it. 

All his friends saw him as cold and uncaring. He became isolated. He decided to withdraw on his own.he did not understand this. His parrents assured him that he was not a friek. He was not so sure. 

He went to colege. He got graduated 8th in his class. He started his own bussiness. He then staeted companion bussiness as well. He was not rich but he had a stable income flow. He was content. 

He tried to date in high school.  He was handsome. Usualy the first date went realy good. Then something would happen he came off as detached .he did not have much emphithy.none of his romances went very far. He got a bad reputation.potential dates were warned not to date him.  He withdrew from that as well. 

Colege was about the same. He had a brand new start. Soon his dates learned about him. He again found himself isolated.  He again saught the path of least recistence. He withdrew. 

He was not stable and successful. He kinda wanted companionship.  He was not lonley persay. He did want someone.  Who would date him? 

His business partner frank wanted to bring in a young women named ari. He was reluctent to bring her in. He was always reluctent to hire new compony. He wanted to run his conpinies on shoe string budget. His moto is micoscopic is too big we need to go smaller. Another moto of his was smaller is better. That was hie he was.

After meeting with her he was quite inpressed. He did relent and brought her on. It was a good move.she brought new perspective to the compony. A lot if reason for the sucess of the compony was because of her. 

He eventualy promoted her in the compony. She baught in to the compony. She became a right gand man. Frank decided to go on his own and she took his place.

At first it was a bussines relationshio only. Manny around them were convinced that that would not last foever. A romance was inevitable. 

One day she asked him out. He liked her. She was prety,smart funy.she had breathed new life into his operation. He liked her. He had largly given up on romance. He beleved that he was just not marriage material. 

“Ari! I realy like you. I think the world of you. I am vety flawed.  I dont beleve i am a sutible boyfriend or eveb husband.  I have to decline. “He told her.

She kept trying. He did relent. The date went great. Subsequent dates also went well. He decided to tell him the truth about him.”ari i have to tell you a secret about me!”he said. “Ok! “She said.

“I am incapible of crying. “He said.”what?”she asked. “Its is an actual medical is rare. It has a long name but i can give you it if you want to look it up!”he said.

She was expected that he had a dark secret.maybe he had a criminal record or drug ir alchole addiction or was institutionalized but no he could not cry.

“Why were you afraid to tell me?”she asked. “It tends to scare people off. I come off as cold,uncaring and unfeeling. “He said. 

It did not scare her iff.she never founs him cold or incaring. He eventualy perposed. She said yes. They got maried. Then she became pregnant. He was afraid the child would have his defecentcy.the doctors had no idea.

The day there daughter wa born.she had a healthy set of lungs. She definenly cried and thensome. He could nit be happier.  Kid number two and three were also fine. It seams it was an anomaly.  A fluke of nature. 

The end. 

I an not a doctor.  I am not a science expert. This is fantasy.  Im sure that i that i got a lot of medical stuf wrong. I just wanted to tell a stort. 

Unlikly Source 

Sorow is something experienced by everyone everywhere. Sorow does not discriminate.  There will always be sorow even in the 24th cencuary in the final frontier.   

This is captain eric lewis of the federation starship Minnesota.  A few years ago his wife was killed during the federation war with the dominion.  He has a two young children. Today marks four years sense her death.  

Captain lewis woke up with his alarm. The computor vioce staeted out soft and got louder. It would not stop until he deactivated it.he felt weird and did bot not why. Then it ocured to him.  


The captain entered the bridge.  “Captain on the bridge! ” an officer at a reer station said.  He said,’as you were’in a slightly anoyed tone. The bridge crew tried to ignore it.

A vulcan who was the science officer took note of it. She scaned his service record and saw what was troubling him. She made a mental note of it. 

The first officer gave him a report of events going on throughout the day.the exo noticed that the captain seemeitto be anoyed by the endless recitation of the events.”it is really necessary to go into mundane details.  “The captain said.

“Dont you want to know what is going on the ship?  “The first officer asked. “Pertinent data don.i dont need to know the bowel movement of the crew. A nazaka warship in the reigion yes.a super nova about to hir us yes.a slug making its way though the sector no. Is that clear?”the captain asked. “Yes sir. Quite clear!” first officer makenzi said. ” alright. Anything else?”he said in a slightly belligerent tone. “No sir. ” he answered in a tapid tone. 

The captain was usually even keeled.he was laid back. Even in hostle situation he was never on throughout edge.  Today was different.  The crew was not accustomed to this. The crew had no idea how to act around him. 

The captain sat down. All day every interaction between the captain and crew went like this. It was very tense. The crew acted like they were walking on egg shells. 

“Captain! “The tactical officer said. The captain was lost in thought. The tactical officer tried again. Then he snaped at the officer. “What?” the captain asked in an anoyed tone. “Sir i have a new secuity report from star fleet security.  ” the tactical officer said. 

“Can you upload it to my council?”the captain asked. “Aye sir.” the nervous officer reported. The captain receved it.he looked over the report. 

“May i speak to you in private? ” the first officer asked. “Of course.commander omron you have the bridge. ” the captain said.the captain got up from the comanr chair. The exo followed him. The bolion officer sat at the command chair. The two entered the ready room.the door closed. 

“Is there a problem?  You have been uncharacteristicly irritable? ” don mekenzi asked. “No i am fine.”he said. “This is not like you. You are bit touchy. This is alarming behavior sir. ” the first officer said.”your probably right don. I will tone it down. ” he said.

“Ok! Thank you sir.” the first officer said. He nodded.the first officer left the office. He sat down at his chair. He breathed a loud sigh. He put his head in his hand.

The chime rang. The captain did not want to have any visitors. He was not sure he could turn that person away without arousing questiones he desperately did not want asked.Reluctantly he agreed to let them in. “Come in!” the captain said.

The door opened. It was lt. Losera the vulcan science officer who entered. ” lt, i was not expecting you. ” the captain said.

“I know why you are out of sorts today. ” she said. “Did you come to lecture me on how i am behaving in an irarional ilogical manner? ” the captain asked. 

“No i am not hear to lecture you! “She said. “Then why are you hear?”he asked. “I thought you might want someone to talk to. “She said. “This ship has a counseling staf. Why would i chose to confer with a vulcan who cannot identify with what i am experiencing? “He asked. 

“You are mistaken. I am non emotional. That is not the same as unsympathetic.  Vulcan may not react to loss as humans do but that does not meen that we are not effected by such a loss. “She said.

“I Dont want to think about it! I want to be normal again.i want to be back to being me. “He said.”this loss has changed you. That is unavoidable.  You can adapt to those changes. You cannot  Avoid the loss. You have to confront it. Ignoring it will hardly cause it to go away.  ” she said. 

“I know your right. I Dont like it but i know your right. I will try to do that. Its been four years. “He said.”some things take longer then usual.  ” she said.

“How does a vulcan deal with loss?”the captain asked.”while we do not mourn in an enotional way as humans do,we do not deny that the loss has occured. We atempt to pass it. Sometimes that is more difficult then other times. The loss of the intrepid with all hands was troubling even for vulcans. A vulcan officer on the grisson could not handle it.” she said.”i know the account.  I dont want to be alright. I Dont want to move on but i also want to. I want to move on. ” the captain said. 

“That makes sense!”she said. “It does! ” he said. “Yes it does. It is natural for you to want to move on but to also to not move on. Particularly now after it has been four years.  ” she said.”i thought i was ok. I finaly was starting to come to terms with it but im not. Not at all. I am as lost as i ever was. ” he told her. 

“Lost but not alone. ” she told him. “Why do you care? Is it mearly because you want a compotent commander at the con?”he asked.  “You should know me better then that eric. My concern is genuine not for any other reason. Why can you not trust me?”she asked.

“I do trust you losera. ” he said. “I thought you did. You can. I am not hear as a star fleet officer. I am hear as your friend. “She said.” i appreciate that lt,uh losera. “He said.

He huged her. He realized what hw was doing was inappropriate.  He started to move on. She prevented him for doing so.”it is fine.” she said. He held on to her.”thank you. ” he said. 

The rest of the day he was better. He was glad when his shift ended. He turned over the ship to the night shift duty officer. He was happy to go home. He picked up his kids from the ships day care. He took them to his qurters. 

A couple mounths later.

He saw losera in the turbo lift.he entered. “Computer hold the lift. “He said. The lift stoped. “Losera. May i ask you something off the record?”he asked. “If course eric.” she said. “Do you want to go out sometime?”he asked.”are you asking me out in a date?” she asked.”i am. ” he said. “I would be agreed to that. ” she said

“Very good.”the end.

The huging monster 

There was those that site the healing power of hugging. They claim that  huging that cause people to feel better. While most would agree that there is no science behind it. What if there really was heeling properties of huging.what if huging could release some kind of energy?  What if the energy release just happened?

Joe anesley was one of those people who were affected by this energy.  When he was a young boy,he skined his knee. He ran to her mom. His mom gave him a great big hug. He could feel the wound heeling. When he checked the wound as gone. His mother though that he was just being dramertic. She had never seen the bruise. She thought it never existed. He was young and had no idea what to make of it. 

Then he got a paper cut. He hugged a teacher. The scar vanished. Some of his pychologest believe that he was needy. School officials even suspected that he might have been abused. The sate sent investigators to the home of Joe and his family to make sure nothing was going on. It was determined that the family was fine. 

He started to back off. He had to b be carefull. Then when he was in college he was in a car accident. He said to the parimetic. ,”Please give me a hug?”he said. The female perimatic was taken aback. Usually she would not do something like this. She wanted to help. She gave him a great big hug. She saw energy hit him. Suddenly he as cured.has she not see it she would never beleve it. 

He was taken to the hospital. They did tests after test. They did every test they could think of. No one could explained it. They tried it on he others in the same car as Joe. It did not work. The bugging therapy only seemed to work on him. No one knew why. That sumirsed that his make up was sligly different then most humans. Some suspected that he might be part of a sub group of humans  Perhaps a kind of homo superior of some kind.  

Joe hated the publicity. He just wanted to be left alone. He hated being the object of attention. He decided to take his own death. He then went to the other side of the country. He changed his name and everything. He even. Dyed his hair. No one suspected that he was not who he said he was. 

 He started to become addicted to hugging. He could hardly socialite hugs. Offering free hugs would be seen as weird even creepy. He decided not to do that. He started to going to support groups. He offered hugs. Hear you could get away with it. No one suspected that he  had an ulterior motive to wanting hugs. 

Everyone loved him . He was so kind. He was so attentive. ” Hey do you want to go out for coffee ?” Heather asked. “Sure!”he said. He was reluctant to get too close to any one. “I am glad your hear . I am glad to get to know you.  Heather said. “You seam really sweet! “He said. She smiled. “Thank you”she said.

Heather was a single mom. She had two kids. She had lost her husband. He had served in the military and died over seas.she was still young. While Joe had a bit of a crush on her,he did not want to to get too close to her.he did not want anyone to learn his secret. They might not understand. 

They ended up spending a lot of time together. He felt he had to end it. He takes his death again. He went to middle America this time. He decided to avoid physical contact.he suferd form withdrawal. He went up and gave someone a hug. The hug came at him. He ended up in a coma.the person he hug also had the ability. It caused a chain reaction. It shorted him out. 

He woke up after several months in a coma. He had lost his ability. Now he was a normal human. He was a mundane human. He got out of the hospital. He returned to life. He tried to adjust to his normal life. 

The end 

 Please do not try to get hugs form random people.  We do not recommend that behavior. This was a work of fiction. 

Prison tears 

It was so surreal. On day she was waking up her daughter.taking her to the sisters. She was at her job as office administrator. Now she had traced her pants suits for a orange jumop suit. Her bracelet were exchanged for shakes. Her apartment was now a cell. 

Her old life seemed to be a distent memory. Area days ago was not a life time ago. She felt like she had woken up in a parallel universe. She only wished she would wake up back in that other that other life. She closed her eyes. She opened them. She was still there.notging had changed. It seemed nothing was going to change. This was the new normal. This was how it was. 

She already missed her daughter.she missed her sister. She missed her co workers.she had been quiet. She was private. She did not part-time have a sociallife.u less you counted Netflix.noe she was hear. 

She refused to cry.she would be strong.she would be stoic. Nothing was going to get her down. She was going to be brave.she would not be conquered by this. She wore the jump suit. She was barefoot.

For a time she laid on the bunk.she stared at the ceiling. She lived numbers. She counted the tiles.She loved to write things down.she wished she had anotebook. Paper was not permitted.notging was. Just her. She was hear alone.

She never minded solitude. She welcomed it. She wished she could have a book ,paper something.she read the various signs aorund the cell. That provided a little but if only lasted for a little bit. That bit old. She got bord  with that.

She tried to stay calm. She tried not to vostir crazy. How could shenot. It made no sense. She had a million thoughts.she had trouble processing it all. She wanted to write. That was not going to happen. 

A tear started to develop. It went down her face. She whiped it away. She then felt another.then several. She gave in. She let the tears come. Her stoism started to fade. She started to let herself fell what she felt. Her feelings were cominng to the service. Once they started they flooded.she let it. 

After a while she felt OK. She wiped her tears. She was OK for now.she was able to focus now. She felt slightly better. 



The happy killer

“No one should be unhappy. It is the duty of all mankind to be happy. It is a privlegdge that must be exercised. The survival of mankind depends on universal happiness. ” serial killer Luckus Lee Cole.
Whitney Ross was crying. She just got word that her brother had died.he was killed in was his third deployment. He had been twice deployed to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. She felt a gambit of emotions.
What she did not know what that she was being watched. He waited. He ordered flowers be sent to her.  She smiled for a split seconds.then she cried again.
He hated what he was about to do. He felt he had bo choice. He took out the rifle. He adjusted the scope. Then he fired. It was a head schot.she was dead instantly .
A neighbor living in the down stairs of the apartment apartment heard a noise. She knew The girl. She liked her. She was worried. She decided to call the police . they checked it out.
The officer knocked on the door.when no one answered. He broke Down the door. He found her dead. He found a broken window.
Detective Robert Grainger and his partner detective Jake Corrigan were called to the scene.
“Whitny Ross 21. She was a psychology student at the community college.she worked at a convenient store. She lived alone. No pets. No boyfriend. Kept to herself. She has a parents who live in tensile. She has two brothers and sister who live in tenisee. She just lost a brother a few weeks ago. He was killed in combat over seas .”detective corigon said.
“Cause of death appears to be bullet to the head. The crack in the window indicates that the killer was a sniper. He fired from that apartment. ” the responding officer said.
The snipers pirch was an empty apartment. It had been accent for a mounth. The place was searched but there was no evidence of probitive vailure.
” the victim was a work a social life. No enemies. Yet she is dead. ” detective corigon said. “How did her brother die ?” the captain asked. “He was killed by an I.e.d. ” corigon said.
Her last day was mundane.she got up. Went to classes.then went to work went home.
Her social media activity concerned corispondents with family. All other activity was school related. Nothing to give a clue as town someone would want her dead.
“Whait check this out. It is an anonymous post on her obituary on line. ” sorrow is evil. Being sad is the worst thing we could do. We must celebrate a life lived never to mourn a life lost. ” corigon said.
“Could this be form the killer?” detective Grainger asked. “I think it’s possible. ” corigon said. Is this random or did she know the killer?”the captain said. “The whole crime seams dispasonate. It is clean. One schot” corigon said.
“I am thinking x military. Perhaps a trained sniper. ” Grainger said. ” check for te school for x military. Mayby it was someone she knew at school. ” the captain said.
The school records came up with one x military sniper. His alibi checked out. He was rulled out as a suspect.
The detectives intervued the people who worked with her. She was well liked at work.she was quiet but friendly.she was a favorite cashir. They asked about any problem customer. They did not know of any serious ones.
Ann Marie Nicholas heade home from classes. It was a typical day. She was usually a bubbly outgoing girl. She had not been happy lately.her mom was just diagnosed with cancer. It was hard to be her old self knowing her mom was facing tough treatment while she was miles away .
She went to her apartment. She went to the sofa. She had a long cry. He was waiting. He had a rifle ready. He prepared his weapon. He waited. He gave her a chance. If she smiled he might spare her life. She never did.
He would only wait so long. She kept crying. He got his target. He acquired the target. Then he pulled the trigger.
She was hit. It was at point blank range. She fell to The ground dead.the killer then moved on.
This time her mother got worried when she did not answer her phone.she called a fellow student to check up on her.she discovered the body .
The detectives were called in. The crime scene looked almost totally identical to the first schooling. It was Erie.
” Ann Marie Nicholas age 21 pre law major at the local community college. She works as a cashier. Like Whitney she had a family tragedy. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer. ” corigon said.
“Are we looking at a serial sniper? ” Grainger said. “It could be. These two cases are almost virtually identical. ” corigon said. ” we have two young ladies. Both well liked quwt sweet. Why target these people? ” Grainger asked.
” they both experienced a family tragedy. I think that is the connection.” corigon said. ” why target  those who have had family tredegy? ” Grainger asked.
At the station they monitored the social media and obituaries of the two deceased. ” wait I got something!” corigon said. “What do you have? ” Grainger asked. “An anonymous  comment her online guest book at the funeral home.’ann Marie was a cheerfull happy person. She gave in to the evil of sadness. The evil destroyed her. Her sadness killed her. ” corigon said.
” what if the killer targets people who was usually happy but circumstances have made them sad! What if this enraged the killer?” corigon said.
“You got to be kidding? ” captain keeler said. Then he added,”a killer that targets formerly happy people who are now sad. ”
“This killer seams to be fixated on the fact that formerly happy individuals are now sad. ” Grainger said. “This is irrational. Things happen. Even happy people face hard Times. How are they supposed to react?” detective Rachel Reese asked.
“This makes sence to the killer. To him it is rational. ” corigon said. “He is a vet. Probably a sniper. We have a guy who targets sad young ladies. ” the captain said. ” sad young ladies known for there happiness. ” corigon said.
The police department decided to look at a  cold cases perhaps the murder of Whitney was not the first from the happy killer. They looked at older cases.
“We have found seven cases .all young ladies all killed by a sniper. All with family crises. ” corigon said. “The cases seam to have begun six years ago. ” Grainger said. “If it is a vet maybe this was when he returned. ” the captain said.
They reopened the case of who they believed was victim zero.  Kathy Greer was a med student.she was bubbly. Then her brother was killed in a car accident. She withdrew. She almost considered taking a break from her studies. Her neighbor was lucus Lee Cole.
Cole was a us army sniper. He had been honorably discharged from the army just as Kathy had moved to the apartment.  Cole kept to himself. He was quiet .
Cole was intervued after Kathy’s murder. He was rulled out as a suspect. Now to Grainger and corigon he looked like a prime suspect.
“I talked to his old commanding officer. He was decorated. He was a happy guy. He disliked sadness. His fellow soldiers called him a walking inspirational meme. He loved cookie cutter aphorism. ” Grainger said. ” pick him up!” the captain said.
Cole was stil living at the same house. He had worked at a hardware store.he started his own business. It was a book store that specialized in inspirational book and self help books.
“Mr. Cole I’m detective Robert Grainger. This is detective Hayden
Corigon. ” he said. “How can I help you detective?” Cole asked .
“We are reopening the Kathy Greer case. ” corigon said. This perked up his interests .” oh! I feel so bad that her case was never solved.she was so sweet. She had a great heart. She could have changed the world. ” Cole said.
” yes. I can see that. She went on trips around the world. She seem to have a lit of compassion. It is too better she never got to live up to het potential. ” Grainger said.
“She would not amounted to anything I am afraid. She would not have been a disappointment. ” Cole said.
“Why is that?” detective Grainger asked. “She failed to see that happiness is the key to success. The bible says that the joy of the Lord is your strength. In Nehemiah the post exilic Israelites are commanded not to mourn. Sadness is evil. In star wars yoda Said fear Leeds to the dark side. I say that any negative emotion Leeds to darkness. “Cole said.
“Sadness Is a part of is unavoidable. If you lose a love one or a loved one is Injured one can’t help but feel sad. It Wil pass. They will move on. ” Grainger said.
“Sadness is evil. Once evil is embraced it takes over. There is no going back. Sadness spreads. Sadness is a satanic plot. It spreads like a cancer. I hate sadness. ” Cole said.
Both detectives are sure that they had the guy. He was the killer. ” we think that Kathy ‘s killer has edorhers. He targets unhappy people. ” corigon said.
“Well I can’t condone murder. I do understand it. Sadness changes people. It only makes things worse. Life goes on. Only if you let it. Kathy was already dead. In a way her murder was a March killing.euthanasia. she was too sad to live up to her potential. She was a zimbi. She was a walking dead. ” Cole said.
” she could have stil lived up to her potential!” Grainger said. “No it was too late. She went too far. She fell victim to sadness. Sadness is evil. ” Cole said.
They got Cole to confess. They excicuted a search Warner. They found the gun the scope. The evidence mounted. While his lawyers threw ever constitutional objection they could think of. It did not work. Cole was convicted and sentenced to die by lethal injection.
The end.
Originally Grainger was suposedy to be the smart gut with the the story developed corigon became more dominant.
I wanted to do a serial killer story without excessive blood and Gore. I wanted It more physiological then violent .
Usualy in crime dramas like criminal minds the killer has a stressor. Some event I. His life that triggered the events.I decided not to go in that direction. I avoided the stressor.

Blue eyed girl

” I had just left the train. I was waiting to meet up with my brother. He was late. I called him. ”
“Greg it’s Barry. ” I said. “Hey bare.oh is this the week you were coming to visit? ” Greg said. “Yes. We have been talking about this for months now. ” I said.
“That is not until the 17th.” he declared. ” yes . that would be today. ” I said.”no way. ” he said
Greig went over to the calender. “Today is oh the 17th. Oops .I Will leave now for the station. Although it will take me two houers to get there.” Greig said. ” you had better get going. I would rather Not spend my vacation in a train station. ” Barry said.
“Dint swet it . I am coming. I just got to put pants on !” he said. “Wait it s two in the afternoon. Why arnt you Waring pants. Wait I don’t want to know! ” Barry said.
“I promise I will be there as soon as I can.” he said. ” ok. See you then. “I said.
“I was feeling slightly annoyed. I had two weeks off. Now I wished I had a staycation. I wished I was an only child . ”
“I tried to make the best of my Time waiting. I picked up a magazine. After reeding an article about voters not sure if they want to give George hurbert walker Bush another term , I decided not to read that one. I was not interested In soup opera digest or  Stewart’s magazine. ”
“I looked around the terminal. Then I saw her. She had blue eyes. She had dirty blond hair. She was about. 5.3. She was around twenty one. Her head was down. ”
“I did not realize that I had been staring. I did not keen to be was not my intention. She looked up at me.I got really nervous. I had no idea what to do. ”
“I smiled at her. She managed to pull a half smile back. I look down. She looked really sad. I had no idea why. I considered going over to her.she might think I was strange. ”
“My curiosity was getting the best of me. It was not any of my business. I took out a pad of paper and doodled. I was going to be hear a while . ”
A few minutes later I looked up.I saw her again. She had been crying. I decided to go over to her. This was unlike me. ”
“Hi!” I said. “Hi!” he said. “Come hear often?”I said. “Was that the best you could come up with?” she asked. “No probably not. I saw that you were crying. You ok?” I asked.”yea I’m ok.”she said.
“Ok people usually don’t cry. ” I remarked.”you can’t really care. You are either a  stalker or bored of both.” she commented. “Well I am a little bored. I am not a stalker. “I tried to assure her.
“I don’t want to talk about it. “She said.” ok. I can respect that. ” I said.”I don’t want to be seem like a nice guy. Your pick up lines suck but you seam ok. ” She told him. “I’m barry ” I said.”chrissy. ” she said.
“It is good to meet you.” I said.” it is good to meet you. ” she said . “I hope everything works out for you I mean that ” I told her.”thank you. ” she said.
“Where are you from?” he asked. “I am living in Oregon. I am originally from concord New Hampshire. That is where I am heeding. ” she said.
“I am supposed to be going to Manchester but my idiot brother forget what week it was or something.” I said.
“I’m sorry.” she said.”it’s gave me the chance to meat you. ” I said .”do you mean that? ” she asked. ” I do. I try not to say things lightly.  he said. ” I did not mean to suggest otherwise. Your Not catching me at my best. ” chrisy said. ” it’s ok.” he said.
“Does your brother routinely do things like this? ” she asked. “Yes he does. Usualy it is fairly benign.normally it does not leed me to be stuck in a train station in mass. ” he said. “That’s good to know. ” he said.
“I badly wanted to know what had gotten her so upset. I did not feel I had the right to ask. I let it go. Even though I did want to go. We engaged in smal talk. Everything from how we grew up to how we got where we are now. Then out of no where she started crying again. I should not have but I hugged her. She embraced me. She hid herself in my shoulder. ”
“I usually do not break down in front of strangers. ” she said. “I did not think you did. Its fine. ” vary said. “My brother was killed in a car accident. I am heading back to his funeral. ” she said.”I am so sorry Chrisy . “he said.
“I felt bad about going on and on about grieg. Despite his ideoscinrecies,I do love him. If something happened to him,I would be crushed. ”
“Were you close ?” he asked. “We used to be . not so much in recent years. I moved away got caught up in my life forgot the life back home. Growing up we were best friends.after I moved we tried to keep in touch but life got in the way. “She said.
“After talking Greg showed up. I was sad he did. I hugged her. We exchanged phone numbers. He asked me if I knew her. I said I do now. ”
“She did call . we kept talking. Wr eventually decided to date. We eventually got macredeand had kids. We eventually moved back east. My brother takes the credet Fr us getting together. I don’t know maybe. ”
The end.