Wedding party part 11

Matt and amber had always had a complex rationship. They did not like each other at first. He found her toi outgoing, not as conservitive as he would like. 

Eventualy he warmed up to her. She became almost a part of the family.  She had gone above and beyound during the family crises after his father died. She did whatever he could for them. She gave the most important thing, her time. That was most appreciated.  

Matt and amber had become friends. They were really close friends. There had been hints that it could develop into something more. Neither one had been ready to take that step. 

The wedding of mat’s sister seemed to change everything for them. At the rehearsal the day before, amber asked him if he wanted to Mary her. He got a ring and told her yes.

He was in total shock that day. He could not beleve what had happened.he was engaged to amber now. He found it hard to beleve. He was beyound excited. He imagined his life with her. He knew that she would be a masive encourager to him. He knew that she would be fun at the same time. She had a perfect balance.  He was really looking froward to there life together. 

He prayed to the lord for his relationship with her. He dedicated there relationship to the lord. He finaly fell asleep but it took a bit. 

Amber was just as he excited as he was. Perhaps she was a bit more excited. At first mat was just tracy’s sister.  She could sense his hostility towards her. At the urging of his farther ,matt atenpted to make peace. Things continued to calm down between them. They became closer. 

She came to like him. She respected him. After a time,she came to consider the posibility of matt and her as a serious couple.  She started to consider it as a real posibility. She became desirous of it. 

She finaly decided to take the plange.she asked him . She was so glad that she had. She stared at her engagement ring. She was so happy. She imagined her life with him. Eventualy she too fell asleep.  

It was Sunday.  It was amber’s last full day in town. She would fly out Monday morning.  Amber went to services at her old penticostal church in the morning.  She wanted to say goodbye to everyone.  

She had a good time there but she missed matt. She did like being back at her old church.  

After church, amber went back to her furure mother in law’s home. Matt saw her and flew across the room. “Hello fiancée.  ” matt said. “Hello fiancée! ” amber said.

Matt did something that suprised her.he huged her. She wraped her arms around him.he squezed her. She loved physical affection.  She was not sure that he would be oppen to any display of efection. Apearently he was open to it. 

He took her hand. “How was church?” he asked. “It was good. I was glad to see everyone. How was yours? ” she asked. “It was good. The mesege was a little more hastitily put together then usual but it turned out ok. I think the lord use it. ” he said. 

“Your probably a bit on the exhausted side?” amber said. “A bit. Thats ok. I will get though it. ” he said. “Absolutely.  ” she said .

There mom was glad to have almost the whole family together. She loved her family. She was happy that the weding had gone well. She was sad that it was over. The preperation had really brought the family together. She enjoyed it. Now it was about to end. 

She vowed to make the most of it. She was glad that everyone but tracy was hear. She was glad to see most of her family behind one roof.

“Amber!” mat’s mom said. “Yes!” she said.  She hugged amber. “Welcome to the family although you have been a part of our family for a long time. Soon it wil be oficial.” her mom said. She smiled. 

Amber was so happy. “Thank you. I am excited myself.”amber said. “I really throught this might happen. I am realy excited for you too” his mom said. “We are too.” amber said.”i can tell.” his mom said.

Mat prayed for the food . after the prayer,they eat. Then matt and amber hung out side on the steps.” your not sad about leaving your college? “He asked. “I’m going to miss it . i loved the staf and students..i liked the work but i have a peace about this move. I am excited about beggining this new phase of my life. I am excited to be a pastor’s wife. ” she said. 

“So your going to be moved by fall?”he asked. “My goal is by stemptember but by the end of the ens of the year at the latest. I do want to make sure i have a reacement in place. If i cant i will try to make it back for Christmas.  I am really going to make  abreal efort to be moved by the fall. I want to get a place hear and a job. I want to get pluged into your curch. It will be a tall order. I really think we can make a go of it. “Shr said.

“I feel like i found you only to lose you. I loved having you around this week. This was an exchausting but amazing week. ” he said.

“It is only temporary.   This will be a hard summer. There is no getting around that. It will pass. We will get though it. ” she said.

He put his arm around her. “I know that. It will be hard. ” he said. “I had a really good week. I wont forget this week. “She told her. “I wont either. Your going to make an amazing pastor’s wife. I know we are going to make a good team for the lord. I am excited to see what is going to happen.  ” he said. “I am too.”she said.

“Do you have a good car? Your last one seemed to hang on by a thread.”he told her. “It was not that bad. I have a realible vehicle. It can make the trip. “She assured him. “Just making sure. I am glad you traded in that old car you had. ” he said. “It kind of died on me!” she said. “Why does that not suprise me?” he said.

After a while they got ready for the evening service. They. All went to the church. He found his evening message went smouther then the morning. He felt that he was mote rested and more prepared.she loved his preaching. She could not wait to be under his ministry.  

They went back to his mom’s house.”ok. We need to leave the house bo later then six tomrow morning. I plan to be hear at five thirty. “He said.”i will be up by five. I will be ready by five thirty. ” she assured him.”ok. Just making sure. ” he said.  She cuckled. 

After a time of visitng, matt said his goos nights. He went to his place. He wanted to get to bed as soon as possible.  He wanted to get some sleep.  

Amber said her goodbyes to mats family. “I am so glad you came. Thank you for everything. “Mat’s mom said. “Thank you for letting me stay hear. Thank you for your hospitality. It was defiantly appreciated. “She told her. 

She went to bed. She soon fell asleep. She set her alarm for five am. Right now she slept soundly.

End of part 11

Next up

The conclusion to the first series. Matt drives amber to the airport. 

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