Panic attack part 15 a

  • Jack and kristin seemed to be a dream couple. They had isues. They were a relatively new couple. There were isues associated with a new relationship.  There were other isues as well. Every new couples faced challenges.

Kristin was saverly injured a few years ago. In that same acvident her farther was killed. She had to recover from the physical wounds. The emotional wounds took longer.

She saw a secular psichologest. He relied on wordly philosophies. He also perscribed prescription drugs witch concerned her old church. This led there family to leave the church. They church shoped for a bit. Then they came to gospel baptist church where she met jack.

The two finaly started to date folowing an awkward phase.  They wete hurdles they were unaware off. They tried a separation butit did not last long.

He invited her to his parent’s house.she was reluctent to come but decided to. She was nervous but knew that she had to face them eventualy.

She folowed him home in her car. They parked. She was nervous. He took her hand. They walked up to the porch. Then they went inside.

His parrents said hello to her. She said hello back. She sat next to jack.”i guess my secret is out. Not that it was a secret. I do understand yoir concern. In retrospect it may have not been wise. I cant go off of them safely. “Kristin said.

“I understand that. I would not expect that. Anna and i have dicused it and we are still suportive of you seing my son. We really like you.” john said.

“Thank you. I appreciate that.  I do beleve that the bible takes precidence over world philosophy.  I would consider the bible before making a decison like this one. ” she said.

“I underatand the circumstances. I know that many of the early decisons were not under your control. It is importent to be committed to a bible believing curch.”his dad said.

“I do realize that. I do agree with that.i am committed to this church. “She told his parents. “I am glad to hear that. “His dad said.

“How are you doing?”his dad asked.”i am ok..i have ups and downs. Ot had not been easy.”she said.”we are hear for you. You are an importent part of our church. We beleve you will be our future daughter in her. If you need to talk,the pastor and i are hear for you.”his mom assured her. Kristin thanked them for that.

“So i take you two are back together? “His dad asked. They looked at each otherand smiled. “Yes we are.”jack said smiling. “I am glad to hear that.” john,his farther said.”you two make a cute couple.”his mom said. They botg blushed a little. There perents thought it was funy.

“We dont you to feel like you dont belong hear. We dont want you to feel at ods with us. Please sit down with us if you disagree with something. We can discus it. Dont feel like you cant aprocah me.”john said. “He is really is very approachable. “Jack said.

“I realize that. I will remember that. ” she said. “Good. Dont be afraid of me. I am realy not that scary.  Plus i am prety sure you are going to be my daughter in law some day. “He said.

“I realy like your son. “She said. Her parents smilled. “We can tell. ” his mom said. “We do like you. We like your family. Your family went though a lot. We are not unsympathetic.  I just hope you know that we are on the same side. ” john said.

“I do know that. I do feel that way. I realize that i do not do everything correctly. I am trying to learn from those mistakes.  It was a dificult time. I know that i may have used it as an excuse.  I have grown sense then. I believe i have changed. ” she said.

“We can see that.  We know that you are verry mature. ” john said. ” thank you. I do try. “She said.

After they went outside to chat on the steps witch was there routine. “I missed you krissy. I am sory i reacted the way i did.  I was wrong. ” he said.

“I understand.  ” she said. “Kris i do care about you. ” he told her. “I know that jack.  I care about you. ” she said. “I would love for us to be back togerher. Will you date me again? “He asked.

She chuckled. ” yes i will. Absolutly. This break or whatever it was was no fun. Lets get back together. ” she said. He started to sing. “We are getting back togerher. ” he said.

She laughed. “I dont know rether to be impresed or weirded out. Your a hyims only guy, yet you know a song by Taylor swift?” she asked. “I am not totaly in a bubble.  ” he said. “I gues not!” she responded. They both laughed. They hugged.

“I am not going to letting you go this time. “Kristin told her. “Nor am i going to let you go. ” he told her. He put his arm around her.

That was the day he decided he wanted to marry her. This was the day that he was sure about her. This was the day he commited his and her life to the lord. He had a peace today. He was convinced that he could mary her. He was really excited.

She was so glad to be back with him. Thr whole break up or break was a huge mistake. She rested her head on her shoulder. She could stay there foever. She coukd stay there.

She was starting to trust him. She beleved that he could be her husband.  She felt things would somehow work out. It had been a hard few years. Mayby she could get by. She could move on. He would help. They would get though it together.

He walked her to her car. She hugged him. She started to cry. “I realy hated this. I am so glad i saw you today. I dont know if this is apropriate to say this early. It is how i feel. I love you.” she said. “I love you krissy. ” he said.

He opened the door to her car. She got inside.  She started the car. He blew her a kiss. She caught it. Hr watched her drive off.

She drove home. She went inside. “So you and jack are back on?”her mom asked.  “Yes we are. ” kristin said. “Are you sure thats best? ” diane asked.

“Yes i am sure that it is. ” kristin said.”you two are verry different.  You see the world diffetently. ” Diane said. “I know that. We can make this work. ” she said. “Ok. I do like him.just be carefull ok. I dony want to see you hurt. ” she said. “I know that. ” she said.

She went up stairs and put she and jack back as in a relationship on facebook. He quickly accepted it. They never again changed the satus until they were maried. This was a huge hurdle.  One they finaly got passed. This was a major turning point for them albiet a dificult one.

She put a new pic of them as the profile. It was one she took of them on the steps. She went to bed. She fell asleep thinking of them.

Jack was glad that they were back together.  He should never have adked for a break. He should have never left her. He should not have investigated her. He should have asked her. He should have not anticipated the worst.  He should have treated her. He did regret not teling his farther about her medication.  He did feel that he should have talked to her. He would not make that mistake again.he would trust her.

He knew he had to change. He had to beleve all things and hope all things. He would have to love her as christ loved the church. Perhaps that was not in him. He needed the holly sprit. He could not do this on his own. He knew that now.

He fell asleep thinking about her. He was happy. He fell asleep thinking about her.

End of part 15

Next up

Jack and kristin became very close to eachother. Things fall into place between them.

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