Wedding party part three

He parked the car in the driveway. In a way amber had become part of the family,his family. It was hard for him to admit that outside his thoughts. He knew it was true.  He was glad that she was back. He knew it would only be for a a short time. He had to enjoy her presence while she was hear.

 They walked inside. Mat’s mom came over to her. Amber huged her.”it is so good to see you amber. “Mat’s mom told her. “Thank you. It is good to be back. ” she told her.”you have definently have been missed. ” mat’s mom told her.

 Amber had come to respect and admire the whole family. She had come to think of mrs davis and the late pastor davis as a seccond family.  Amber thought about mrs.davis often. 

Mrs. Davis was stil relitivly young.she had young children at home. She had a lotbon her shoulders. Yet she handled it well.she was always calm and resolute. It was evident that she had the joy of the lord.  

Amber took her stuff up to the room that she would be staying in. She then spent time catching up with mrs. Davis. Then after a time, tracy and steve came back. Amber hugged tracy. “I missed you amber.”tracy said. “I missed you trace. “Amber said. She and steve exchanged greatings. 

When amber first met tracy,she was a bit shy and awkward.  When tracy went to bible college ,amber figured that tracy would grow and change. Of course she did. She met steve at college.

Tracy and steve had been part of the same group of friends. Steve was a missionary kid. His parents were missionaries to Brazil.  She and steve were acquaintances at first. They hung out more and more. They grew closer and closer. After a time steve got her farthers permission to formerly court her. When he asked her to marry him,she said yes. 

Amber remembered the first time she mentioned steve. As time went on she realized that it was serious.amber knew that one day they would get maried. Amber hoped one day she would meat someone. So far she had not. She tried not to force the issue. Every time she tried to force the issue,she was miserable. She gave up and told the lord that she would wait for his timing. She had a peace that he would be revealed in the right time.

Matt regreted dispariging amber and Tracy’s friendship. He could not beleve just how wrong he had been.had he gotten his way,Tracy would have missed a loyal friend. The family would have been deprived of an honorary family member. He was glad that he had not got his way on that occasion. He was judgemental and conceited back then. Bible college, ministry and time in the word had tampered him.  

Tracy and amber had a lot of catching up to do. They were happy to see eachother. “It is good to see you.  “Tracy said. “”Like wuse trace. I missed you. I am so happy to see you. ” amber said. 

“Thanks. Your not!” tracy said. “I hope so. I cant seem to meet anyone. I am not worried about it. I feel like i see be. I feel like the lord is telling to wait patciently for it.”amber said.  

“Keep serving the lord. Pray for him. I know he will turn up. I fully expect to be your maid of hornor soon. “Tracy said. “Its not easy living by faith. I think your right.” amber said. 

“How was your time with mat?”tracy asked. “I pushed every button he has. I hope he stil wants to speak to me at the end of the week. I hope he wont get sick of me.”amber said. 

“I am sure he is fine. I doubt he will get sick of it. ” amber said.”i dont meen to drive him crazy.  Well at least to the extent i do. I do kinda enjoy getting on his nurves. I dont know why. He is so uptight!” amber said. 

“I dont think you anoy him as much as you think you do.” tracy remarked.”thats disipointing. I will have to work harder. “Amber said.”i think your growing on him.”tracy said. 

“Despite his rigid thinking,he is a good man. He is a good friend. I do like him. Dont tell him i said that. “She said.  

“I am not suprised.i know he feels the same way. He would never admit it. “Tracy told him. “I realy enjoyed the drive hear. I am not sure he did. “Amber said. “He will get over it. “Tracy said. They both chuckled. 

 They had dinner . they hung out  in the living room after ward. It was like the old days except that pastor davis was not there and steve was there. It was how it was before the kids started to go off to college and going on there own. Things were changing rapidly. It was not the same as it was but this was close. 

Even mrs.davis was lauthing.mat and ambet set next to eachother.they were very playfull.they teased eachother. They were very comfortable around eachother. That was evident. 

After a while,matt decided that he should probably go back to his place.”it is getting late . i should be heading back. “He said. He said his good night to everyone. Amber voluntered to walk him to his car. 

“It is good to see you. “Amber told him. “Its so good to see you. I am so glad im hear too. “She said. He huged her. “Well have a good night.i will see you tomorrow.  “He told her. “You bett.” she said. He got into the car. 

He started the car. The car drove off.amber watched him leave. She stayed outside until he was out of site. Then she went inside. The door was shut. 

End of part three. 


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