Panic attack part 7

Jack was a bible college graduate. He was the son of a pastor. He was working as an unoficial assistant pastor. He was being mentored by his dad. He met a young lady whose family started attending the church.

At first she did not seam to be open to it. Now that all changed. She opened the door.she had some stipulations.  She was prone to anxiety due to a family tragedy that led to her farther’s death and her own recovery. She wanted to deal with her panic attack on her own.he found it to a dificult task but agreed to go with it.

“How did things go?”his mom asked him when he got home that night. “It went well. We are going to explore the possibility of a courtship.  ” he told his parents. 

“I suspected that might be the case. “His farther said. “I was interested in her when she and her family started attending.  Her mom and sister appeared to be aganst such a thing happening. Her mom has given me permission to persue her. Kristin wants to persue a relationship.  I gues she has for a while. ” he said. 

“I see. It seemed like she did. I think she hoped you had come to the open house. I am not suprised.” his farther said. 

” i found why she was so skidish.her farther was killed in a car accident .she was wounded herself. She was in a coma then spent quite some time in recovery. She is prone to anxiety and panic attack. She asked that if i call and she does not answer ,wait for her to call back. There are times when she will just up and leave.  She wants me to just let her go. ” he told them.

“I did not realize that.  I did not want to pry. That is too bad. “His mom said.”this wont be easy . You will have to earn her trust. It will take some time and efort.are you in this totally? “His dad asked.

He thought it over. “I am fully commited to. I realize it wont be easy.i realy like her. I want to persue this.”jack told his parents.

“She seams like a very godly young lady. The whole family seam like a godly family. I would advise you to be caucious. Proceed carefully.  Yes i am in suport of you pursuing this. ” his farther said. 

“Thank you dad. I will be careful. “He assured them. “I suport it too. She does seam really sweet. “His mom told him. “She seams it. “He said 

“Despite my caution,i too am excited for you. I am happy for you son!”his dad said. “Thanks dad.i too am a little nervous. I am excited too.”jack said. “I can see that. “His dad said. 

When Kristin went inside,her mom and sister were waiting for a full report. “How did it go?” her mom asked.she smiled. “It went really well. I really like him. He has a way of disarming me. He realy put ne at ease. “Kristin said.

“When i talked to him, i was quite encoureged. He seams like a caring person. I think he could be really good for you. ” her mom said. “I think so too. ” kristin said. 

“I am sceptical but only because your my little sister.  I am always going to wory about you. I think this could be really be a good thing. “Ashley said. “Thanks ash!” Kristin said. 

Kristin found him on facebook. She sent him a friend request. He quuckly acepted it. He looked over his profile. She started to draw his face. She was excited to draw his face. She found his eyes very intense. She stared at them for a bit. Then she started to draw him.

While he was starting to try to fall asleep.  He thought about her. He really wanted to help her though the healing process. He hoped they could cry together,mourn together and heal together.  He realy cared about her. He felt like he was concerned about her in a way that was different from how he cared about others. He was starting to seriously think that she might be his future wife. He hoped that that was the case.  

He knew that this relationship was early. He realy liked het.he knew he had to be carefull. He knew he had to go slow. He had to tread lightly. It was hard not to be excited. She was a warm sweet person. It was hard to avoid that.

The next day he showered. He had breakfast. He drank some cofee. His phone went off. He answered it. “Hello  krissy! ” he said smiling. “Hi hunnie.  How are you?  ” she asked. “I am doing good. How are you?” he asked. “Doing good. I just wanted to say good morning. ” she said. “Im glad you did.  It is good to hear from you.  I realy had a good time last night.” he told her. ”

“I am glad to hear that.  I did too. ” she told that.  ” i am glad. I am afraid you would find me boring. “He said. “There is little chance of that !” she said. “That’s good. ” he said.  

“Well i dont want to keep you on the phone.  I just wanted to hear your voice.  ” she said.  “I am glad you called. I will talk to you later. “He said. “You got it. ” she said. 

He did some bible reading.  He worked on his sunday school lesson after that. He kept buisy.  

Kristin kept busy as well. She had several students who came for piano lessons. She did some gardening.  

Later that day he called her. He hoped that she would answer. He knew that she might need her space.he missed her. He waited. There was no answer. There was a voice mail.

“Hello krisy its jackm call me when you can.” he said. He hung up. He understood. It was still hard.

It was a few houers later.  His phone went off. It was her. “Hi krissy!” he said. ” hi jack.  I am realy sory. I was having a realy good day . i had some students for my piano lessons. I just had a panic attack. It happens. I just needed some time to myself. “She said.

“Look hunnie its ok. You dont need to explain.”he said.”i feel bad. Its tough. ” she said.”i know that. Its ok. I realy do understand.  I am totaly suportive. You do what you need to do. I am hear for you. I am fine with that.  We will figure this out .”he told her.

“Ok! I know you are hear for me. I appreciate that. We will work on this. I do trust her. We will have to work on this.”she said. “We will figure it out. ” he assured her. 

“Ok. Thank you for being so agreeable to all this. Its meens alot.i want to let you in. ” she said.”i know that. ” he said.

She really liked him. She wanted to trust him. She was not there yet. She liked to feal with this on her own. She had her mom and family.she kept them on a tight lease as well. She wanted to deal with this on her own. That ment letting go on what she felt was all that was left of power.she felt like she lost her power. This she stil had. Could she give that up? Would she? It was not known yet. 

End of  part seven. 

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