Sorrow upon sorrow part six. 

They went to the beefing room.kalera was visibly shaking. He hugged her. He held on to her. “Lori whats going on?” ben asked. 

“Ben I’m pregnient “she said.  “That’s a good thing right?”he asked. ” yes it is. We have talked about having children.  I do want children.  “She said.

“Then whats going on love?” he asked. She sat down. She broke down. He put his arm around her. “You know i was maried once upon a time. “She said. “Yes sub commander zerek. “He remarked.”yes. It was an arranged marriage.  As i have said he was killed in a battle with orion smugglers near the border. Before that i became pregnant.  I had a son.he died not long after he was born.”she said.

“Hunnie, i had no idea. ” ben said he held on to her. She cried on his shoulder. ” doctor piper says that he is going to treat this as a high risk pregnancy but he says that he says so far he is very optimistic.  He things every thing is good. We are having a daughter by the way. ” she said.

He smiled. ” look lori dr. Pipper is the besr. He is not the ships doctor he is pratically the ship’s grandfather.  He will do everything he can to make sure the baby is fine and healthy.” she said. 

“I know that. I have complete confidence in him. I am just afraid ben. I cant go though this again. If i lose this child i cant bear it. ” she said. 

“Lori we are not that yet. I cant assure you that everything will be fine. I don’t know what the future holds. None of us are totaly in control of our destiny. We are just not. There are always circumstances unseen forces.  We never have complete information. We cant know how things play out.lori this child is going to have two parents that love eachother and love her. She is going to be part of a larger comunity. She will be loved and cared for. “He said. 

“Ok. I know that. “Lori said.”i think that she is going to be fine. I am hooeful that she will be healthy and happy. Whatever happens we will deal with it together.  “He assured her. She rested her head on his shoulder. ” ok. ” she said.

“I love you. I love you so much ” she told her. She hugged him. They held eachorher. 


 “You seam happy?” dr. Piper said. “I am mark” he said. ” then i take you know now. ” dr. Piper remarked.”i do. ” the captain said. ” whats going on?”bienka asked. “I am going to be a dady. ” he said.the bridge crew congratulated him.everyone was happy for him. 

” alright i am going to meet with mukatet. Under no circumstances if any one to go to the surface.  “Ben ordered. “Aye sir. ” the female executive officr said. “Purit, carlos stand by to go to warp at a moments nottice !”ben ordered. The crew agreed. 

“Ok. Bienka you have the bridge! “He said. “Aye sir. ” she said.  “What if you cant convince the chancellor to spare the life of the child? ” gioto asked. “I have no idea barry. ” he said. 

The captain left the bridge.  He entered the turbo lift. The door closed behind him. 

Home of the chancellor


” captain norris you wanted to speak to me in private?” the chancellor asked. “I do chancellor.  Thank you for meeting with me!”he said.

“Of course. Captain. “Mukaret said.”chancellor i wish to speak to you off the record. “Ben told the klingon leader. “Of course benjaman it it?” the leader said.

“May i be canded?” he asked. ”  proceed.  “Mukaret said. “Sir i understand that the loss of your son is a huge blow to you. It is truely a tragedy.  I must say that i disagree with your decison to terminate the life of your surviving child. This is hardly a solution.  “He told the klingon in charge of the empire.  

“Captain.  Humans are known for there belief that all life is sacred. All life has value.  It is a view that manny klingons do not share. I have always believed that one has to prove there value.  There are not enough resources to justify a terusnagen philosophy. “He told the captain. 

“Mukaret do not this! You will regret it. Dont go down this path. You will never be able to reverse it. This will undo you sir. “Ben said. 

“I have daughters captain.  I do not need more. “Mukaret said. “What about sanjaya? Would you really be so cruel. Dont you care about anyone but yourself?  “Ben norris said.

“Carefull captain. You may be a defacto ambassador for the federation. We may be alies but i wont tolerate insult in my private chambers.” the chancellor said.

“She will never forgive you. In your mind you can remove her as your wife. What if your next wife fails to get you a son and the next? How far wil you go?” he asked.

“I dont want to look at that child!”he said. “Alow sanjaya to take the child to the federation.  ” ben said.”my enemies might use it agqinat me. They may say i am weak for not keeping to my original edict. Other might say i am against family vailures. It is a risk.”he said.

“Why not five her a chance. Who knows you too might become close?” ben asked. “I dont know if i have the strengh to do this. She will be a constent reminder of what i have lost. ” he said. 

“Mayby but you will be reminded no matter. It chould be worse. Come on chancellor.  Please please.”norris pleaded with him. He thought it over.

He got up and left his office. Be. Folowed him.sanjaya was cradiling her daughter in her arms. “Sanjay! Captain norris and i have discused it. I am resinding my decison. “He said.

“Thank you. ” she said. “I hope you can forgive me in time. Some day i may ask for it. I will not today. I do see the error of my earlier decison.” the chancellor said. ” i am happy with your new decison. You will not regret it. She will bring honor to you. “Sanjeya said. “The ceremony will be to honor our late son. Today we afirm life.” he said 

“Mukaret my heart aches . i know it does for you as well. “She told him.”it is like a dusruptor beam to the head. I am dead but move. “He said. “I feel the same. “She said.

“I have never lost a child. I have gad my share of greef. You keep going becsuse you have to. Those who left us would want us todo no less. “Ben said. 

To be concluded. 


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