Panic attack part three

The greners had been coming to church for two mouths now. In that time jack said little to her. He wanted to . he hoped that his feelings for her would recede. They had not.  

He continued to write her notes. Some times he started writing them but never finished them. Some had just a few lines. Others had a couple of pages. Sometimes he had no idea why he wrote them. 

He prayed for her as well. He could not quite pray as intelligently as he would like to. He did the best that he could.  He knew that the holy sprit would take his feeble prayers and intercede to the  farther with gronings witch cannot be uttured.

He got butterflies in his stomich every time he saw her.he never understood why. Sometimes it drove him crazy.  

One sunday there was a church dinner. He was puting ketchup on potatoe. “Would you like some potatoes to go with that ketchup ?”kristin asked. “I like ketchup.  It is technicaly a vegetables!”he remarked. 

Kristen laughed. ” i gues. Technically. ” she said.he laughed. Then he realized that he was violating what he pledged to do. He tried to get away. He sat down.

He put his head down.he hoped that mrs grener or ashly had seen them talking.  He went to an empty seat far away from the greners. He sat down at the table. 

He started to eat. He did not notice that someone had sat across from him. “I take it you like ketchup?”Kristen asked. “I did not see you there. ” he said.

He was realy nervous. He was afraid he was doing something wrong.he felt like he was violating mrs grener’s wishes.  He was afraid he would not just be violating the wishes of a parrent . Worse he could impune the integrety of his father, the church,the bible college he graduated from and mayby even independent fundamental Baptist.  He did not want that. 

What he did not know is that ashly warned him at her request. It was not that mrs grener did not want him to speek to her. What really happened was that kristin got nervous. She just wanted to be left alone that day. It was not ment to be a life time quarantine. Ashly may have been a little harsher then mayby she needed to be. 

Kristin was shy. She was reserve. SHe had not always been an introvert but she is now.  She needed time to catch her breath. He saw it as almost a dear jack letter.  She was surprised that he had all but avoided her. 

“I do like kethup. Do you not like ketchup?”he asked her. “Oh i do. ON my french fries,burgers, hot dogs but on potatoes,eags and pancakes so much.”she said. “Pancakes! I had not thought about that one. I think i might try that one. ” he said 

“Oh no i have started something!”she said.  He laughed. “Despite my esentric use of condiments i am not that unusual.”he said. “I am not convinced. “She said. They laughed.

“Well Chrissy i gues i have some work to do convincing you. Excuse me Kristen.  ” he said. “I think we can get passed your eccentricities. A little odd is fine.”she said. “Thanks i think.  ” he said.  They laughed. 

After a while he went to get secconds. His fears had abated a bit.he went back to his chair. She was gone. It was like a farry tail without the happy ending.he looked aground the room. He saw Ashley and mrs grener. No Kristen. He found he was not really hungery any more. He tried to eat. He did not want to waste food. He eat it.

That was the first time he had ever talked to her. They mostly engaged in smal talk. He felt like he started to get a glimse into her personality.then she was gone . 

He wrote in her his journal,”chrissy i had a great time with you with you today. Your so funny and playfull. I love your humor. I was sad when i came back and you were gone. I suspect you have your reasons and i respect that. I miss you already.  I see what our mariege could be like. I dont feel like i can approach you. I will wait. I will try to be patcient. Its hard because i feel such a conection. I cant explane it. I love you chrissy.  I will wait. ” 

She wrote in her journal.  “Dearest jack,  i have tried to work up the courege to talk to you for weeks now. I could not do it. I Finaly was able to talk to you but my anxiety kicked in and i had to leave. I hope you can was good to finaly talk to. I am a little alarmed by your obsession with kethchup but thats ok. I liked being able to get to know you. I have been impressed with you.  I hope i can find a way to communicate that to you without frezing up. Until then i love you. What was it you called me chrisy. ” she said.  

End of part three. 

Next up 

Mrs grener invites people form the church to an open house at her place.everyone shows up except for jack. 

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