Sorow upon sorrow part five 

“Captian’s log,what was to be a ceremonial diplomatic misson designed to pay our respects to the chancellor for his loss. It took a very different turn. ”

“The chancelor has decided to sacrifice his other child . this is a shock to the crew. Though i find the whole things reprehensible.  There may be nothing i can do. ” ben norria said.

Senjeya had no idea that this was happening. Makerret had not said much to her sence the incident. She was shocked. How could he do this. She loved that child. 

Despite all that had occured, she had bounded with the child. She could not believe he would even consider this. She knew that he really pitied her when she made her his wife. In his mind perhaps she betrayed him. She could not let him do this.

She tried not to betray her emotion. She did not want to incur any further wrath with him. She could not risk that. 

The whole croud seemed shocked. No one dared say anything. They did not want to be seen as disloyalty.  Disloyalty was punished quickly. Mukuret was an all or nothing kind of guy. They knew it. No one wantes to risk his wrath.  

U.s.s enterprise

Kyile beemed the crew back to the enterprise.  Evetyonr started to talk at once. Norris calmed them down.”ok people. I know this is very disturbing.  I am just as distrubed as all of you. “Norris said.

“This is indecent sir. We cant let this happen. “Navigator purit said.”look i dont want this to happen any more then you do jasson. We may not have a choice.the prime directive aplies hear. We need this allience. The galaxy needs to heal from themass crises. “Norris said.

“We cant just do nothing.  We cant sacrifice one life for untold trillons can we?”smith asked. “I dont know what i can do but i wont just do nothing. I am going to contact star fleet command. I prery much know what they are going to say but i will stil try. Terasha work your sources in the klingon government and military and orther circles. See if you can find out how serious the chancelor is. Sub commander work your romulan sources.  Kolona work your sources in the communications tech circles. My gues is he is serious. He will go though with this. “Norris said. 

“What do we do?”giotto said. “I dont know yet chief. Just leaving orbit and heading back to the federation seams too little. I dont know what can be done. I will look. “Norris said. 


Sanjeya had no idea this was coming.she felt like she had been stabed in thr back with a batleth. She had been holding her daughter when the chancelor made his grizzy decleration. She could not believe that he said this. 

She loved her daughter. She was a first time mother. Her motherly instincts kicked in almost imedietly. Her daughter helped coupe with the loss of her son. She had no idea how to move on. Her klingon nature would not alow her to give up. 

She was starting to find a way to move on. Now her husband had pulled the legs from under her. All to benefit him. He only thought of himself. He was selfish.he was self obsorbed. Most klingon chancellor were but he outdid all of them. 

She was angery with him.she considered formerly challenging hin.she knew she would lose. She needed to stay alive for her. Her baby was alive. That was something.  

“Mukeret how dare you!” she said.”what do you meen?” he asked. ” you pitarkh. You disgust me!”she said.  “Watch yourself sanjeya! I am chancelor of the klingon empire.” he said 

“Your a dishonorable tobar. Your pride was wounded.  You decide if your miserable so is everyone else. You are supreme commander of the klingon fleet. You command one of the bigest standing army in the quadrant.  You are head of government of a major intergalatic power. You own land,houses,ships, what do i have?  Yet you want to take the one thing i do have?”she asked. .

“The universe hae insulted me. I will not be insulted. I dont want the reminder constently. This child will have too hard if a life. I am being compassionate.  “He said.

“I will never forgive you mukurat. I promise you that. “She told him. “I can live with that.  ” he said. ” i am sure you can .” she reaplied. 

U.s.s enterprise

Confrence room

“Ben i syimphithise with you. Our hands are tied. We were invited hear. This is there world.  “Admiral komack said.

“I know.  This seams so unnecessary.  “Noris said. “I agree. We can file a formal protest. I am almost certain it will fall on deaf ears.”the admiral said.

“I know your right. I know the importence of the tripple alliance.  I just cant phathom this.  I feel like the chancellor is being extremely wimsical. ” the captain said.

“I do too. He may regret this. The council is deliberating this. They may recall the ambassador but other then that i dont know what steps we can take. ” the admiral said. “That was what i thought. I figured that i would contract you. “Norris said. ” of course .happy to consult. I wish i could say something diffetent. “The admiral said. “Yea”he said.


“Let me gues,admiral komack was no help?”giotto said. “You got it barry.” norris told him. “What now?”dr. Piper asked. “I dont know.” norris said.  


“Kazek!”terasha said. “Terasha it is good to see you. “Kazek said. “I know the scientific community is not the favorate of the empire.  “She said. “It is common.” kazek said. “True. You must hear things. What is the reaction to the chancelor move in regard to his child?”terasha asked. 

“Well many in the defence force see him as weak for not being able to protect his son. Some in the military are proned to suport it. Others are outwaged. The opionons run the gamut. “The scientist said. 

“Will he go though with this?” terasha asked. “Everything i have seen Leeds me to think that he will. “Kazek said. “That what i thought!”terasha said.


“My government does not like it. They are planing to look into isuing a satement if condemnation but they wont do anything that has teeth. “The sub commander said. “The high council does not seam wiling to do anything.  Many on the council dont aprove but they dont want to move against him or do anything that could be viewed as disloyal. “Terasha said.  

“Can we grant asylium?” Smith asked. “Sanjeya would have to ask for it.”spock said. “The minute she disappeared they would suspect us. They will not never let us leave. They may fire on us. ” giotto said.

“Would that not solve the problem. The child the reminder of his failure would be gone. Out of sight out of mind. “Smith said. “That is not enough for him. It is a matter of hournor. His hornor was insulted. This is his way of getting it back. ”  norris said. 

“If we socilit her asking for asylium, we could be seen as trying to stir up trouble on qonos. ” dr. Piper said “chief hallak i want you to work on ways of getting out of klingon space quickly. “Norris ordered. He sighed and said,”yes sir.” the orion reaplied. 

“Lets make sure the ship is ready if we need to make a fast getaway. “Norris ordered. ” you got it. ” guitetez said. “We will be ready for anything.  “The secuity chief said. 

“I want battle drills. Lets do shipbored battle simulations and ground simulations as well. ” the captain ordered. The bridge crew agreed. 

The captain hoped that he did not have to do this. He feared he might have to. This could spiral out of control. 

” how could a father wilingly sacrifice a child?” smith asked. “It hapened before even in earth history. “Spock said.”i dont get it. I dobt have kids but if i did. I would do whatever it took to protect them.i am preotective of my neces and nephews. I would do whatever it took to protect them. ” he said.

Kalera heard him say that. ” hi !” norris said.he kissed her. When it came to his wife he did not adhere to protocol.  ” can we talk?” she asked. “If course hunnie. Keep working on this. Bienka you have the bridge! “He said. “Aye sir,the exo said. 

End of part five. 


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