Sorow upon sorows part 4



Capital citty. 

Official residence of the chancelor

Sanjaya was the wife of mukuret. She had been a peasent.she was the second wife of mukuret.  His first wife was from a noble house. When his first wife failed to give him sons. She gave birth to two daughters. He divorced her.

Shortly after he became chancelor, he held a perade in his own hornor. He saw sanjaya. She was young and attractive. He asked her farther for permission to mary her. He seizef land from a minner adversary and gave her farher the land.

Sanjeya loved her husband. She knew him in a way no one else did. The loss of her son was devisating. Klingons had no tear ducts. Klingons did not cry. She was sad. 

At the same time she had a living daughter to care for. Her husband seamed alnost angery with she lost the child on perpose. He seamed to think that the universe was conspiring against him. In his mind she was part of that plot.

They did not speak to eachother sence the incident occured.she tried. He would not have it. She feared that there mariege might be doomed. She did not want that.  She had little say. He was the chancelor.


U.s.s enterprise 

“From what i can the entire planet is walking on eagshells.” gioto remarked.  “I got that sense as well. The rihansu embasy staf are beibg careful. They are not leaving the compound unless they absolutly have to. The chancelor has been in a bad mood. His staf are woried about losing there jobs and there heads.”the romulin sub commander acting in kalera’s stead.

“I have heard the same thing from my friends,colleagues and other contacts on the surface. They have had the same thing. Things are tense on the surface.  “Terasha said 

“We are going to hornor there wishes.  Mukuret is the ligal head of the government on qonos. We will hornor klingon law and traidition.i am keeping the landing party confined to the senior staff .that includes you yeoman. ” ben norris said.

“I am not sure if this  is a privledge or not.”smith remarked.  “I am not either.  ” chief engineer hallak responded. 

“I do want however want full paticipation by the senior staff. ” the captain said.  The senior staf was  agreeable to that. They all knew the importence of this misson.  The federation wanted to shore up the alliance with the Klingons and the romulans. This could be an important step.

The captain had some time before the formal proclamation of a sate of mourning from the chancelor.  He decided to duck out for a moment and check on kalera. He was worried about her. 

He went to there quarters. He opened the door. Kalera was siting on the sofa in the living room. It was clear that she had been crying.she was half siting half laying down. She did not get up when he came in.

“Hey sweet heart. ” he said she looked up for a seccond. “Oh hi.”kalera said. “Lor i am going to have to beam down to qamche soon. I wanted to see you before i do. Are you ok? You seam upset. ” ben remarked. 

“I am fine ben. Really. Why are you bagering me on this?” she asked.”i dont meen to. Lori you are my wife and my best friend. I see you hurting and i want to help if i can.”Ben said.

“I apreciate your concern,i really do.please back off. “She said.  “Ok. Lori if you do want to talk i am hear for you. I love you. ” Ben told her. Then he left there qurters. The door closed behind him. 

Ben walked though the coridor.there was a storm cloud over him. He never really wanted to be a starship captain. He did want to be a husband. He wanted a family. He was a successful starship captain. He already had made a name for himself. He would hate to suceed at this and fail with her. He did not know how to help her. How can he be there for her if she did let him in. 

He came to the turbo lift. The door opened.  He went inside.he saw doctor mark piper. “Are you heading to the bridge? ” mark asked.”yes i am. “Ben said.

“Mark is everything ok with lori?”he asked. “Now ben you know i cant discuss that.  I am bound by doctor patcient confidentially.  I cant discuss it. “Dr piper said. ” is she healthy?” he asked. “Yes. She is fine. I can tell you that.  You will have to talk to her. ” piper said. 

“Thats just it mark.she wont talk to me. She hae totaly closed herself off to me. I have no idea why. ” he said.”i understand your frustration . i realy cant discuss it with you. “He said “ok.” he said.

The door opened, they entered the bridge.  “Liz you got a minute? “He asked.  “Of course. “She said. They went to the confrence room. 

“Liz,something is up with lori. She is despondent.  She has bairly left her qurters.she wont talk to me. We have been close prety much sence the first time she got on to the bridge.  We have had our rough patches. Not like this.she has totaly closed herself to me. I cant reach her. ” he said.

“Ben you cant force her to open up if she does not want to. You have to be patcient. Be there for available.  She will talk to you when she is ready. ” liz said.

“It pains me to see her like this. “Ben said. “We all worked though things differently. Mayby this is her mothoud. I have a feeling she will turn to you.  I know where your coming from.  Try to see where she is coming from.  “Liz said. “Alright.i will try. “He said.


“Are we ready?” the captain said. “I believe so. ” bienka said. “Ok. Mr. Jenson you have the bridge. ” the captain said. 

Captain noris,commander weber, lt.commander giotto, chief engineer hallak, advisor xi,doctor piper, lt. Kolona,helm officer guiterez, navigator purit, spock,daner and Smith excited the bridge. The relief staf took over.


The mood of thr citty square was somber. Klingons were usualy loud hyper and bombastic.  It was unlike Klingons.  They command staf went over to where a group of citizens and other off world 

Then the chancelor and his entourage entered the pedestal.  His chief of staff got everyone’s attention.  “If i can have your attention. The chancelor of the empire.” the chief of staf said. 

“To those in attendence, to loyal citizens of the empire.  To members of diplomatic deligations from other worlds. Today i adress you with a heavy heart. My heart is indeed heavy. My son was the future of my house. He was part of the future of the empire.  He is gone foever. He cannot be returned to us nor to me. I am declaring a empire wide sate of mourning.  This mourning perioud will end when following a ceremony.  I have decided that his death was meaningless and empty.  It was without any point.there is no reason no lesson. Nothing can be learned. Good cannot cone from this. It is sinply bad. “He said. 

“His baby sister lives.this is a disgrace. This is cruel on the part of the multiverse. . it has acted defiently towards me so i will reciprocate.  Ancient klingon tradition provided that if a son died while a daughter lived, the daughter can be sacrificed. ” the chancelor declared.

Ben could not believe this. He did not like where this was going. Nor did he crew. “My daughter will die at the ceremony. “He said.even his own citizens were astonished. 

End of part four. 


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