End of sorrow part two

Andrew dade lost his fiancée to a car crash. He had trouble moving on. He became very inward.he stayed at home alot.when not at work or church that was where he was. 

Then his new neighbor abigail came.she was a outgoing.a spitfire.she tried to befriend him. It proved to a bit of a daunting task. 

He parked his car. “Hi andy. “She said. “Hi abby. ” he said. “How did work go today?” she asked. “Fine. Buusy but good.  ” he said. “Hey you want to go bowling or something this weekend?” she asked.  

“I am not really up for that. “He said. “You sure. We could do some thing else.  ” she said. “Im sory im realy not interested. ” he said. 

She tried to engage him. She could tell he had shut down. He was not living he was just excisted. It waa driving her crazzy. He had to move on eventually.  Didn’t he? 

They engaged in occasional smal talk.for the most part they did not do much interacting. 

It was two years Sence leane died.he waw stil living in that moment.he was stuck there. He had reterned to even a new normal.  She hated to see him this way. She had caught an occasional glimpse of the old him .she was convinced that he would not be that person foever. 

She decided to wait a week.then she would act. That friday she knocked on his door. “Abby hi!”he said. “What are you doing?”she asked. “What do you meen? “Andrew asked.

“You needed time after leane died. You needed time to pause reflect. Its been two years. Break over. Its time to get back to work. “She said.

“I am active.  I teach Sunday school, i preach. “He said. “What happened to church planting pastoring. You given up on that?”she asked. 

“I dont know. Its not like im siting in the side lines. Im active. ” he said.”your setiling for good enough. Your not living up to your potential. We both know it. ” she said.

“Where is this. Comming from?”she awked. “I am tired of seing you like this. This is not you. Its time to brush yourself off and get back to work!”she told him.

“You think i am called to be a pastor?”he asked.  “You think your called to be a pastor.  “She said. ” i gues i do. “He said.”do something about it. Stop hiding. “She said “you think i am not living up to my potential “He asked.”you dont think your living up to your potential. “She said.”you could be right. ” he said.

“Come on we need to get going.do you want to ware that or get changed. You do look fine like that.”she said.

“Where are we going?”he asked.”i am taking you to diner. We are celebrating. “She said.”oh! What are we celebrating? “He asked. “National andrew gets out of a funk day. “She said. 

“I cant tonight.  Can we do it another night?”he asked. “Oh no. Your not getting out of this one. Besides if we do this another night it wont be on andrew gets out of a funk night. Then i will have to sue whoever came up with andrew gets out of a funk day. Christians are not suposed to sue.just come with me !”she told him.

“Woa! Wait a minute! What?”he asked. “Please andy. You cant keep being a recluse. It will be fun i promise. “She said.  “Alright. “He said. She smiled. 

“Your not going to speak in tounges or get slain in the sprit during dinner are you?”he asked. “Well you never know. I cant really control it. It just kinda happends. “She said. “Now i am woried. “He said.  “You should be!”she said. 

He went outside to the steps where she was. “Are we are taking your car?”he asked. “You dont want to ride in my car?”she asked. “Well you have a milion penticostal bumper sticker. People from my church are going to become concerned. ” he said. “It will be fine. You wont melt i promise. “She said. “Didn’t you say to that to the last i.f.b who got into your car? “He asked. “I don’t talk about that. “She said. He laughed.  

They got into the car. “Ok i have some rules. “She said. “Ok. “He said. “Sence this is national Andrew gets out a funk day you have to get out of the funk. No being sad. We are going to fun. Leave the sadness behind.  No long faces,nothing. “He said.

“I cant just turn it off. “He incisted.”yes you can. This day is holy unto the lord,neither be ye sory why?i know you know this verse. ” she said. 

“The joy of the lord is thy strength.”he said. “Yes. The joy of the lord. Finding contentment in the lord. Rejoicing in the God of thy salvation. So are we agreed on that?”she asked.  “Agrred. Is this Baptist joy or penticoastal joy?”he asked.  “Joy is joy!”she said. “You are one tough cookie!”he remarked.”you have no idea. ” she said. 

They drove to  the resturant. They were seated. “Where do you grow up?”she asked. “I was born in Pennsylvania. Near philly. When i was three, my dad moved hear. He started a church. “She said. “This area is home?”she asked. “Yes it is.”he said. 

“So where were you from?”he asked.”i was born in a smal town in ilonois. My dad was a penticoastal youth pastor. We moved to indiana when i was seven.dad became a pastor in a church outside Indianapolis. We moved to a church in blomington when i was 12. I went to a penticoastal colege in morisville. I moved hear to be involved in sprit of fire church. ” she told him. 

“I see.  I had a feeling that that was where you went. ” he said.  “For now.eventually i will become a Baptist.  “She said. He was confused by that comment.  “Oh. I did not know that you planed to become a Baptist.  “He said. She smiled. 

“So when did you decide to go into the ministry?”she asked. “Everyone assumed i would because of my dad.it was expexted. I wanted to as a kid. Then i did not.  When i was 14, a speaker came up to me. He told me that family background is no assurance that you will serve the lord.he said resolve today to be oppen to doing his will. A little while later my dad preached on obeying in the little things.  I startted getting serious.  I knew then that i was suposed to go into full time ministry. I have not thought about that in a long time. ” he told her. 

“Why church planting?” she asked.”i saw my dad do it.i like the idea of starting something new. From the ground up. I like the idea of going in a place where there are no Baptist church and starting one. I have had a passion for it. “He said.

“I can see that. “She said. “How did you decide to become so committed to Christianity? “He asked. “I lived in the church. My life centeted around the church. I did not rebel outwardly. I engaged in a qiet rebelion. It could have led to me making bad decisons. God brought people  in my life who saw things in me. A youth pastor and his wife invested in me. They determined that i was not going to slip away. I made the decison i am going to follow the lord no matter what. ” she said.  

“I see that in you. “Andrew said. “It has not always been easy. I have stumbled. I am so glad that i made that decision. It could have gone differently.it was by God’s grace that it did not.  “She said. 

“I am glad of that too. ” he said. She took out her phone. “What are you doing?”he asked. “I am taking a picture of us. I want to comerate this event. “She said. She snaped the picture. She put the phone away. 

“You want to comerate the end of my funk as you call it?”he asked. “Largely not just that. ” she said. “Oh ok.”he said. She wanted to say the day she committed to marying him. She knew he was not ready to hear that. 

“So where do you want to live ?”she asked.  “Anywhere.  I am oppen to whereever. I had identified three places where i would like to start a church. Other then that i am not sure. What about you?”he asked. 

“I will go where you go. I am totally open. I consider life to be one big adventure. I am totaly flexible. “She said. “Why am i not surprised? ” he said. 

He decided not to ask a follow up question to her comment. He let it go. 

“You have to have desert! “She said.”i am not sure i can fit any. “He said. “Come on. You have to have desert.  What is a celebration without disert?”she said “ok.” he said.

He tried to pay. She would not have it. They walked out together. They smiled. She drove her to the apartment.  

“Look andy when you get inside your going to be happy. Then the euphoria is going to ware off. You are going to feel sad. Your going to regret it. Just remember how hapy you were. ” she said.

“Look at your phone. ” he said.  He looked and saw the picture of them smiling. “Remember how you felt at that moment.  Remember how hapy you are. ” she said. “I will try to. Thank you for tonight. I did need this. ” he said.  “My plesure. It really was. We are going to do this again! “She said. ” ok. ” he said.

They got out of the car. They dispersed.  This was a new beginning.  At least that was abby hoped would hapen. 


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