Sorrow upon sorrow part two.

U.s.s. enterprise


The turbo lift door opened,the captain entered the Bridge. He apeared to be very tired. “Captain on the brudge. “Yeoman smith said.”as you were. “The captain said. 

“Good morning captain. ” first officer bianka weber said. “good morning bianka. “He said. “You ok sir you look asked?”smith asked.”i am fine. “He said.

“Captain you have an incoming mesege from star fleet command.”com officer kolona announced.  

Ben Norris asked for an ear peace. He had the com officer transfered to an empty station far back. He activated the screen. On the View screen ,the image of admiral komack.the admiral was in his office on earth.

“Hello admiral. Good morning. “Norris told the admiral. “Morning ben. On qonos the wife of chancelor mukaret gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. The boy died slightly died after he was born. The chancelor has declared a empire wide day of mourning.  ” the admiral said.

“I thought klingons usualy regard the body an empty shell upon death. They take little care to the remains upon death. “He said.

“The chancelor has no male hair. While the chancelor is a non heraditory post. The leadership of a house is heraditory.  It is a matter of hoyrnor. On qonos male are valued over females. The chancelor has wanted a son for a while. The chancelor has reqested we send a deligation to qonos to pay there respect. I would like to send the enterprise. ” komack said.

“I would be happy to go. I have been able to develop a good working relationship with the chancelor. “Ben said.

“I figured you would.  It is a simple misson. It is important.  Our alliance with the klingons has always been murky . it was a marriage of convenience.  The klingons had a noose wraped around there neck.they had no choice.  We have had to walk a tight rope with them. ” komack said.”i am aware of that. “He said. “This could go a long way to maintaning this difficult relationship.  “Komack said.

“I understand my reaponsibility. ” ben said.”i know you do. We will keep in touch. No pressure but the sate of federation diplomacy may rest on your shoulders.  “The admiral said. “It usualy does.”ben said.

“You will do fine. I have conplete confidence in you.  Star fleet out. “He said. The image went from sanfrancisco to the seal of the united federation of planets.then the screen went dark.he turned the screen off. 

He took off the ear peace. He gave it back to the com officer. “We have new orders. We ate going to is a diplomatic misson. “He said 

“Carlos alter course. Best speed to qonos. “Bianka ordered. Lt. Carlos guitetirz alteted the course. “Course ploted and laid in.” the helm officer announced.  

“Aaron i want to take point on this.coordinate with thr embassy on qonos and the klingon foregn ministry. For all intense and purposes this is a sate funeral.  Please acess both federation and klingon protical. “Ben said.

“You got it ben. I will get right on it.”he told the captain.  “Terasha get with your government.  Liasion with Aaron. “He said. “Will do. “She said. 

” i will inform kalera. Bianka you have the bridge. “Ben ordered.”aye sir.”she said. He excited the bridge. The door closed. 


“Kalera! “Ben said. “Since you refer to me by ny full name i assume this is oficial bussiness? ” she said.”it is. It invovles your posisiton as hughest rihansu oficial on bored. “Ben said.”whats up?”she asked. 

“I am sure yout government will be contacting you.  We are going to qonos on a diplomatic misson. The chancellor “s wife gave birth to two children. One male obe female.  The male did not survive. We are going to pay our respects. “He said.

“What happened “she asked. “I am not sure. We were not given alot of details.  “Ben said. 

Sudenly her mind wandered.  She saw herself.  She was in a bed. She saw a man near her. It was a rihansu. 

Several doctors and nerses came in. “Its time. “The man said. “It looks like it is.”the nurse said. 

After a hard and long delivery the baby was born. The baby did not live  long. The husband was stoic.  She screamed.

“Lori you ok. You zoned out for a bit.”ben said. “Im fine. I will check my messages. I will get with my government. “She said.”lori are you sure your alright?”ben asked.  “Yes i am fine Benjamin.  “She said.she moved on and walked on. 


Kalera went over to ben. “Hey!”he said smiling.”hi i am about to blur the lines between your role as my husband and commanding officer of the ship. “She said.

“Ok!what is it?”ben asked. “I spoke to my government.  I requested sub commander rombest who is the seccond sr most romulan on the ship to lead the deligation to chamche. They were not happy but they aproved it. They want your aproval. “She said.

“It is a diplmatic matter. It is a formality.  He is a sr officer. Like a lt commandeer in star fleet. It is stil senior level. I will approve it. “Ben said. 

“Thanks. “She said.”i dont understand why. You usualy rise to the ocasion for these thngs. “He said.”i have my reasons. It is a pribate matter. “She said. “Even from me?” ben asked.”i would rather not discus it. “She said.

He was taken aback. She usually opened up to him. They were an open book to eachother. She was suprisesd that she was keeping something from him.something that was clearly troubling her. He had no idea what it was or why she did not want to talk about it. 

“Um we dont really need a science advisor on this misson.can i take a few days off?”she asked. “Yes of course. Take all the time you need.  “He said.

“Thank you. Permission to leave the bridge.”she asked. “Granted.”he said. He tried to say more but she was halfway out the door. She excited the bridge.  

That was the first time in quite a while that they did not say i love you to eachother.  It was the first time they had not kissed even on the cheek. They always showed efection. Not this time. 

“Is everything alright?”dr. Elizabeth daner asked. “I dont know.” the captain said.

Kalera went back to there qurters.she went to the bedroom. She just started to cry. She kept crying . 

U.s.s enterprise 


“We are nearing the border. “The nqvugator reported. “I still get nervous every time we go to qonos.i know we are alies and all. It is stil nurve racking. “Security chief gioto remarked. 

“It it a bit nurve racking . carlos hold position. “Ben ordered. “We are all stop captain.”guterez reported. “Kolona send the request to enter klingon space. Send kitomer alience transonder code and our orders signed by the admiral. “The captain ordered. 

“Sending sir. “Kolona said. After a few minutes the com officer receved a response. “We are cleared to enter klingon space.  “The com officer announced. “Take us in. “The caotain ordered.  The enterprise enrered the space.  

“We are now in klingon space.  ” the navigator reported. “Mantain course for qonos present speed. “The captain ordered. 

Qurters of the norris.

Kalera noticed she had felt a bit strange. She had a suspicion she knew what was going on.she decided to go pay a visit to sickbay. 

End of part two. 

Next up

The enterprise arives on qonos. Kalera gets news. 

I decided not to include jim kirk or addison mccomic. Those characters tend to grandstand. I want to this to be totaly dedicated to ben and kalera.  I created some charicters to fill in the gaps. 

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