The man who cant cry 

Dillon robinson has a normal life. He is 27 years old. He owns a smal business.  He is not a genus but is very inteligent in many ways. To see him you would never think anything was up with him. He has an unusual dificulty. He has never cried. 

He has a very rare condition. He was born without tear ducts. He is medically incapible of crying. 

When he was born he did not cry. He was moving. He was alive. He was healthy . he just could not cry.he still developed langrege skills. He developed normally. He lived a normal life. 

It was not something that really came up. A lot of guys are enotionally detached any ways. He was able to hude this deficentcy quite easily. 

As a kid he went though a lot of test. When he was a baby the doctors were alarmed at first. He was closely monitored especially in his younger years.  He had a normal life. There was a dificulties.

When the beloved fanily cat was run over by a car,his parrents and siblings were devisated. He was stoic.his brother and sister were mad at him fo. Not caring.  His parents tried to stic up for him. 

At school dillon was riduculed by fellow class mates for not being afected by the death of a beloved math teacher who died of a heart attack. He felt strange and ended ckasd early. He went to the bathroom and died. A student found him.

The entire school was shocked and alarmed.  There were a lot of tears.yet dillon apeared to be totally unphased by it. 

All his friends saw him as cold and uncaring. He became isolated. He decided to withdraw on his own.he did not understand this. His parrents assured him that he was not a friek. He was not so sure. 

He went to colege. He got graduated 8th in his class. He started his own bussiness. He then staeted companion bussiness as well. He was not rich but he had a stable income flow. He was content. 

He tried to date in high school.  He was handsome. Usualy the first date went realy good. Then something would happen he came off as detached .he did not have much emphithy.none of his romances went very far. He got a bad reputation.potential dates were warned not to date him.  He withdrew from that as well. 

Colege was about the same. He had a brand new start. Soon his dates learned about him. He again found himself isolated.  He again saught the path of least recistence. He withdrew. 

He was not stable and successful. He kinda wanted companionship.  He was not lonley persay. He did want someone.  Who would date him? 

His business partner frank wanted to bring in a young women named ari. He was reluctent to bring her in. He was always reluctent to hire new compony. He wanted to run his conpinies on shoe string budget. His moto is micoscopic is too big we need to go smaller. Another moto of his was smaller is better. That was hie he was.

After meeting with her he was quite inpressed. He did relent and brought her on. It was a good move.she brought new perspective to the compony. A lot if reason for the sucess of the compony was because of her. 

He eventualy promoted her in the compony. She baught in to the compony. She became a right gand man. Frank decided to go on his own and she took his place.

At first it was a bussines relationshio only. Manny around them were convinced that that would not last foever. A romance was inevitable. 

One day she asked him out. He liked her. She was prety,smart funy.she had breathed new life into his operation. He liked her. He had largly given up on romance. He beleved that he was just not marriage material. 

“Ari! I realy like you. I think the world of you. I am vety flawed.  I dont beleve i am a sutible boyfriend or eveb husband.  I have to decline. “He told her.

She kept trying. He did relent. The date went great. Subsequent dates also went well. He decided to tell him the truth about him.”ari i have to tell you a secret about me!”he said. “Ok! “She said.

“I am incapible of crying. “He said.”what?”she asked. “Its is an actual medical is rare. It has a long name but i can give you it if you want to look it up!”he said.

She was expected that he had a dark secret.maybe he had a criminal record or drug ir alchole addiction or was institutionalized but no he could not cry.

“Why were you afraid to tell me?”she asked. “It tends to scare people off. I come off as cold,uncaring and unfeeling. “He said. 

It did not scare her iff.she never founs him cold or incaring. He eventualy perposed. She said yes. They got maried. Then she became pregnant. He was afraid the child would have his defecentcy.the doctors had no idea.

The day there daughter wa born.she had a healthy set of lungs. She definenly cried and thensome. He could nit be happier.  Kid number two and three were also fine. It seams it was an anomaly.  A fluke of nature. 

The end. 

I an not a doctor.  I am not a science expert. This is fantasy.  Im sure that i that i got a lot of medical stuf wrong. I just wanted to tell a stort. 


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