Sorrow upon sorrows 

This is based on the star trek the universe series on one of my companion blogs. It is an alternate universe from the original series. It is not part of the usual stories in the series. That is why i put it hear. This is not part of the star trek the universe cannon. 


U.s.s enterprise 

Qurters of ben and kalera noris.

Kalera had falen asleep. She dreamed of being in sickbay. She and ben walked in hand in hand. “Mark its time!”ben said. Dr. Piper and nurse chepel got right to work. 

She went into labor.  The baby came out.”what going on?” kalera asked.dr. piper did some checking. “Im sorry. Dr. Piper said. She grabed on to her human husbend.

The images went to another time.she was on romulus. A few years erlier. She was younger. “I regret to inform you that the child did bot servive. ” the doctor said.

As the daughter of a senator and a sub commander in the star navy she was requured to be detached at all times and all circumstances no matter what.  There was no exceptions. That was how it was.

The baby was brought to her.she screamed. She woke up. “Lori! Lori! !”Ben said. “Whats going on? Where am i ?”she asked. “Your on the enterprise in our Qurters.  Your safe. You must have had a bad dream.”he said.

He hugged her.she held on to him.she was shaking. He held on to her. “Want to talk about it?” ben asked.  “Not really.  “She said going back to the cool personia she insisted in portraying at all times.

Her barefeet hit the floor. She put a robe over her nightgowan.she went into the kitchen area. He was waring shorts. He went to the kitchen.  “Computor cofe phanerian blend cream and surger with whip cream”she said. The cup materialized in the slot. She took her cup. “You want anything? “She asked. “No im fine. ” he said.

“Look dont stay up on my account. I dont really feel like going back to bed. “She said. “I dont mind staying up .”he said. “I am really not too talkative right now”she said. “Thats ok. If you want to talk i am hear for you”he said. “I know.”she said.they both just sit in silence as she drank her cofee .

Planet qonos

Chancelor mukuret waw waiting outside the bedroom.a midwife was with his wife. She went into labor.he waited and waited. 

Then the door opened, the midwife came out. “Your son was born dead. “The midwife said. “The other child?”the cancelor asked. “The other child lives. It is a girl. Your wife is tired but is doing well!”the mid wife said.

He tried not to be abgery. He had two older daughters.he wanted a son. He wanted an  hair. “You may go in and see her.”the midwife said.

“Perhaps later. I am quite fitiged. “The chancelor said.he had no interest in seing her. She dishonored him. She failed to protect there son in her womb.she alowed his daughter to be born instead of there son. To him this was unforgivable.  He had no desire to see him. 

Mukaret decided to declare an empire wide time of norning.he would use this tregedy to garner syimpithy. Klingon society depended on strength. There stil was strategy. Klingon still tried to control publicity. A popular leader coukd use personal tregedy to advance ones agenda. 

Mukuret went back and forth on popularity.  Early on he had seemed to defeat the federation. The federation was able ro turn in around and recapture the area. Mukuret was able to keep power. No challenger could get the verious factions to suport them.he ganed popularity during the mass crises. He rewrote history.  In his version the federation played litle role in the crises.

He would use this to become more popular. It was cruel and ireverent. He did not care. He would never be seen as week. 

End of part one. 


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