Panic attack part two

“I thought the dinner went really good today! “Jack’s mom said at home in the afternoon.  “It went very good.  “His farther said.”jack you have been unusually qiet today. You ok?”his mom asked.”yea i am fine. “Jack said.

“You seam to a little distracted.  “His sister said. “Oh no i am fine. ” he said. 

It was not that he was rattled by what had occured. He was not expecting it. She had routinely acquiesced whenever he talked to her but he figured that she was shy. He did not understand it.

It did not really disturb him ,he just needed time to process it. In a family of six,that was easier said then done. He just wanted time to ajust to it. He wanted to make sense of it. That was not yet fouthcoming. 

During the afternoon he decided to talk to his parrents about it. “Whenever we have new visitor i try to be friendly. I was preaching that week i try to be verry welcoming. I have tried to reach out to kristin. She has said mayby two words to i was going to sit next to her. Her sister disparaged me from doing so. ” he told them.  

“I saw you talking to Ashley. It lookrd tense. “His mom said. “Did she say why? ” his farther asked. “Only that she had a rough life. I dont know any of the details.  I did not want to pry. “Jack answered. 

“They are a bit of an enigma. Your mom and i went to visit them to follow up on the visitor card. They seam very nice. The keep to themselves.  ” he said. “We are not sure what hapened to mr. Grener. Mrs grener wares a wedding ring. Like your dad said they are a bit of a mustery. “His mom said. 

“You kinda like her dont you?” his dad asked. ” i do but i dont really know her. I hardly know anything about her. It is hard to say.i was hoping to get to know her i gues. I dont want to be offensive.  “Jack said. 

“Well give it time. She might just need time. She might be a type of person that has to ease into situations. I would continue to back off but things could change.  You never know.”his farther said. “I know that. “He said. 

That night he went to church.  He said hi to various people in the church. He did not avoid kristin but tried to keep his distance.  He said hi to her while working the room. She said hi then he walked away. 

He had no idea why he was so intreged with her. He knew that she attracted him. Not in a wordly attraction although he did find her pretty. It was more then that. He did not inderstand it.

He did entertain the notion that he was lonley. Besides his siblings there were no single young adults.  He was not interested in her sister only her. He took note of that. He tried to get her out of his mind at least for now. 

What he did not know what that she took another look at him. She may sure that he did not see her. Her sister gave her a dirty look. She withdrew. They both chuckled. 

After the service everyone started to disperse. They talked to various people. Jack was very nervous. He felt like he was walking on eggshells. He was before the incident but even more so now. He felt like a stranger in his own church. He found himself in a very awkward place. He did not know how to solve it. He would just wait.wait for things to calm down. He figured it would.  He hoped it would.  

He was not just an attender. He was a member. He was an unofficial assistant pastor and youth pastor. He sat in the deacons meeting. He taught sunday school. He had to mantain a level of professionalism.  He would do just that. He stayed even though he was uncomfortable.

He said good bye to various church members.   He talked to many.  He tried to mantain his was dificult. He did well. 

He saw mrs. Grener . he said hello to her. She said hello back. “How are you tonight?”she asked. “Very good!”he said. He said hello to Ashley.  Kristin said hello to him. Then they walked off. 

That night he wrote another letter to kristin. “Dear crissy. I cant believe i have never realy talked to her. I feal such a conection.i am trying to hournor your wishes. I dont trying to cause hardship.  I gues i need to earn your trust. I know it will take time. I hope i can earn your trust.until then i am praying for you. I am looking froward to knowing you more. Love jack” he said. 

End of part two. 

Next up 

Jack tries to keep his distance from kristin but Kristin sewms to oppen a crack in the wall between them. 


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