End of sorrow

How long is too long to mourn a loss? When you should one move on?this is an answer that is different for everyone. No one has a clear answer for that. There is no clear consensus on this. 

Andrew dade was a bible shchool graduate. Just after his graduation from colege, his fiencae leane was killed in a car acident. He took it hard. They were a couple of mouths before there weading. Though both were chriatians and beleved that she was with the lord, it was still hard.  

He was involved in the church.he taught sunday school. He preached. He was involved in nursing home or other ministeries. 

Other people in the church probably thought that he was fine. He seemed Like he was back.  They might not know that he was still hurting. He was not back. He was struggling.  He just did not let anyone know. 

His original plan was to plant new churches. He had the gift of preaching and he wanted to pastor churches. He wanted to start new churches in least reached areas. That was before leane died. Now he seemed to have put those plans on hold. 

The people in the church dismissed it. They enjoyed him in the church.he was a great help in the church. He was very active in the church.  No one suspected that he was not living to his potential. 

He was not realy living. He was just existing. He hid it well. People did not want think that of him. He did not have a life anymore. He kept to himself. He went though the motion but was not really in it.

If things went as there,he would be doing what he had been.at best he was stagnant.  It looked blequed. 

As it had been said,it is always darkest before dawn. That is certently the case hear. 

Andrew did not know his neighbors real well. One of the neighbors was an older man that kept to himself.he moved out. It was vacent for a while. Then a new tenant moved in. One that shake up his life foever. 

He heard a noise. He saw a smal uhaul. There was a girl in her twenties. She was there with some other people. Some were about her age. There was an older man.he guised that he was her farther. 

She was five seven. She wore a green swetshirt jeens and flip flops.her hair was in a ponytail.  She seemed nice.

He decided to say hi. He would offer to help.  “So who is my new neighbor?”andrew asked. ” that would be me. Im abby. “She said.he shock her hand. “Im andrew. “He said. 

“You dont look skechy. Do you have a criminal record son?”her farther asked. “No sir i dont. ” andrew said.”my farther is very protective of me. I am his only daughter. Although i held my own very well living with four brothers. “She said. 

“So what do you do andrew. “Her farther asked him.”i work at grocery store as an assistant manager. I am actively involved in my church.” he said. 

“Where do you go?” she asked. “Word baptist church. ” he answered. “I am penticostal.” she said. “Oh!” he said. 

He helped moved things to her apartment. He was bot afraid of heavy lifting. He could tell she was a bit of a spitfire. She was funny. She seemed sweet. 

He started to forget about the funk he had been in. For a short time he was his old self.  It was not until he returned to his apartment that it all came back to him. 

Later that night ,he heard her music. It was k love. Great he thought,she listens to contemporary Christian music. He considered blasting hyims from ambassador baptist college. He decided not to. He decided to overlook it. 

One day he saw her. “Hi there “she said. “Hi. “He said. “Im sory i went overbored with the music. I did bot realize that our walls are paper thin.”she said.”its ok. Ccm? Why not listen to chriatian music?”he asked.  “We disagree on several things  supose.  “She said.”it apears that we do. “He answered.” can we still be friends?” she asked.  “Yes we can.”he said. He smilled while he said it.

He had not smiled like that in a long time. She saw that he was perpetually sad. She had no idea why. She believed he was a genuine belever. Why was he so sad. One night she saw him out the window. He had beem crying.  She wanted to know why. 

“I am glad we can be friends. “She said.he seemed to change. His whole continuance was altered.  She wondered if she said something wrong. 

“I dont know too manny penticostals. Your my first penticostal friend. “He said. “I know some baptist but none in your particular baptist camp. “She said.

She was curias about him. She knew something was off. She had no idea what it was. She noticed he kept to himself. He worked and engaged in church activities. He seemed almost reclusive. Sometimes she forgot that he was in his twenties.  He seemed to be in his 50s or something.  She wanted to know the truth about him.

She was sitting on the porch reading. He came home. He seemed out of sorts. “You ok andy?”she asked.  “Yea im fine. “He said. ” you want to talk about it?” she asked.  “I really am fine. ” he said.

” i dont think you are. ” she said. “Did you get a phrophetic word teling you that?”he asked. “Your face comunicates that your not. Whats up?” she asked. 

” i lost my fiancée a year ago today. Car acident. The other driver was drunk. It was found to be his fault. It has realy hit me. “He said.

“I had no idea. I am so sorry Andrew.  “She said. “It is hitting me hard today.  I did not realize that it was today until i saw a facebook post from a year ago.  “He said. “I cant imagine what your. Going though. “She said.

“Its not easy.i miss her. I thought i understood Gods will. Now i dont know. All the feelings i buried during the last year have resurfaced. “He said.

“It is quite understandible. I know you dont know me well but i am your friend. I am hear for you. “She told him. “Thank you. I know that. “He said. They stood on the steps and talked for a while.  

End of part one. 


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