The cry 

Her life had fallen apart.  She felt like her life was over. How could she not.  She went to her bed room.she got under her covers. She made sure that she would not be seen. 

She did not want anyone to see hwr cry. She did not want anyone to know that she waa crying. She could not.  She refused to show fear. No one could see her cry. She was determined to show strength at all times.

She stil could not deny how she felt.she was sad. She felt like a dead girl walking. Dead but stil moving. A zombie.  She lived but not really.  This was no t real life

She had held off long enough.  She decided to surender. She would now give herself permission to cry. She found it difficult to even get off one tear. As she thought about all that had occurred,  the first tear came. After that the tear came more easily. Then the tears came and came. It was unavoidable now. The tears came like a flod. 

She surrendered. She was tired of fighting it. She would not fight it any longer.  She would cry. She would keep crying until the feeling hae passed. Until she no longer felt the need to cry. She had no idea when that would happen. She hoped she would run out of tears. At least tonight.  How does hurt like this subside? 

When she was born no one would have thought this would happen?  Kathleen Anglia sulivan was the daughter of thomas and luara sulivan. She had an older brother and thre sisters  and a yonger brother.  Her father was a lawer. Her mother a stay at home mom.

Kathy was her farther’s daughter. She hung out in his office. She had memorized the local penel code when she was eight. She used to line up ten of her stuffed animals and pretend that they were the imperial surpreme court. Her favorite bear bear the bear was the chief justice.  

She was going to be a lawyer. She planed on one day runing for the house of comons. Her family were from a middle class. Her great grandfather Cyrus sulivan was a murchent. Her farther was more interested in law then business. The patronism or some would argue chronism have been replaced by mercantilism.  This has alowed the rise of a professional class. Doctors lawyers,bankers,scientist and academics. 

Kathy’s. Family were not ritch but well to do. Then her farther got into gambling.  It provided an adrenolib rusg. He won for a time. He could not stop.  He lost everything. His only recourse was to sell kathy into slavery. 

Her oldest brother coukd not be sacrificed. He was the hair apparent.  Not that there much to inherit.  This was stil a male dominated society.  Thomas philip was sparred.  

Her youngest sister was a baby. Her oldesr brother was five. The burden feel on her. It was felt that she was old enough. Tobe able to handle it. Her education made her more valuable. What master would not pay a smal fortune to have a colege educated student with a 4.0 g.p.a as a slave?  She alone would put the family on tract to getting out of debt. She hated this . 

She was a slave. Perhaps for the reat of her life. She felt like she had no hope.  There were stores of wives or daughters captured by barbarians.  Some family patriarchs would do whatever it took to get them back.  This time the family turned her over to the barbarians.  

She finaly calmed down. She fell her asleep. She did not have answers.  For a second she was at peace. 

  1. The end

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