Pregnancy ward 

Prisoner 1171464

Jaime Becky Simon 

Rebecca Simon’s was arested for disloyalty. She votted for a candidate for Parliament that was not in the same party of the president. She voted against the candidate perfered by the president. While ballots are secret,she told a friend who told a friend who told a friend who told the local loyalist party. 

Upon arrest,she was placed in a security force field. The field was controlled by the cival authority. She was taken to a processing center. She changed from her gray suit coat,gray skirt and white blouse to an orange prison issue jump suit. She was then put into a force field with other new female inmates. The force field was generated form a device attached to the ankles of the inmates. She feared that she would be sent Toma forced labor camp.she probably would not survive even a year in such a prison. 

They were taken to the infirmary to be examined. The infirmary was a bit chilly. She figured that that was by design.make the inmates uncomfortable. Not extremely but a little bit. There was alone going.becky felt like she was waiting for a million years. Maybe not a million but twenty.  

Finally it was her turn. She went to the examation. The doctor was a young women in her late twenties. She had long flowing black hair. She appeared to be friendly. As she conducted the exam she said please and thank you the whole time. She seemed to be genuine. 

She did a simple physical. She checked her heart and blood pressure and other scans. “Hum!”she said.”what’s hum?” Becky asked. Becky was a little concerned. Becky had never met the doctor prior to the this encounter. She had nothing to go on. She suspected that something was up. She just did not know what. “Oh don’t sorry your perfectly healthy!”the doctor said. ” That’s good but what’s going on?”she asked. 

The doctor chuckled. “Your pregnant!”the doctor informed her.she was not even sure that she had heared her correctly. “What did you say?”Becky asked for clarification.”your pregnant!”the doctor told her. It took a few seconds for the news to settle in. It was hard to believe. Had she not be facing a prison sentence ,this would be welcomed news. She and her husband Donald had wanted to have a baby. 

Why did it have to be now she asked. “Yes it seams you are having twins.”the doctor said. She and Don had talked about the possibility of having twins. They liked the idea. This would be great news but she was under arrest. She sees political prisoner. She was at the whims of the ruling party. This was a horrible place for an expectant mom.

She had no idea what would happen to her. Would she still be sent to the mines. Would the government and the party that backed that government send a pregnant women to perform forced labor? She had disliked the ruling party but it was policy and philosophical reasons. Now it was personal. The party scared the living daylights out of her. Now she had evidence validating those fears. 

Doctor Valerie teague informed the warden of her condition. The.he warden informed the party representative asingrd to lock up. The party official agreed to alow to be held in the pregnancy ward until the courts decided what should happen to her. 

A gaurd entered the eating room in the intake transfer area. “Mrs Simon’s. I’m officer Wilson. I am hear of the intake department. I am hear to inform you that you will be assigned to the pregnancy ward until your case is ajudicated. “The gaurd said. 

She thought that this was a relief. She had no idea if it really was. It was temporary. Who knows what would happen when she did appear before a controlling legal authority. She was still not out of the woods. Not even close. She was taken to the tea ever area. “I’m nurse Julie”she said.she was put in a wheel chair. She was wheeled to the ward. She was changed into a pink scrubs. The room looked like a emurgentcy room. There were hospital beds. 

It was not too bad. Her babies had saved her life. She figured she would get along with her children just fine. She hoped that by the time they were born she was near to the time that she would be released. She would qietly serve her sentence. She hoped that she soon would be back home. Until then she would make the best of it. 

Pregnant prisoner were for the most part well treated. They were well fed. She liked the nurses,Gaurav and fellow inmates. The ward was one of the better ran parts of the prison system. It was still prison. It was not so bad.

The end. 

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