Unlikly Source 

Sorow is something experienced by everyone everywhere. Sorow does not discriminate.  There will always be sorow even in the 24th cencuary in the final frontier.   

This is captain eric lewis of the federation starship Minnesota.  A few years ago his wife was killed during the federation war with the dominion.  He has a two young children. Today marks four years sense her death.  

Captain lewis woke up with his alarm. The computor vioce staeted out soft and got louder. It would not stop until he deactivated it.he felt weird and did bot not why. Then it ocured to him.  


The captain entered the bridge.  “Captain on the bridge! ” an officer at a reer station said.  He said,’as you were’in a slightly anoyed tone. The bridge crew tried to ignore it.

A vulcan who was the science officer took note of it. She scaned his service record and saw what was troubling him. She made a mental note of it. 

The first officer gave him a report of events going on throughout the day.the exo noticed that the captain seemeitto be anoyed by the endless recitation of the events.”it is really necessary to go into mundane details.  “The captain said.

“Dont you want to know what is going on the ship?  “The first officer asked. “Pertinent data don.i dont need to know the bowel movement of the crew. A nazaka warship in the reigion yes.a super nova about to hir us yes.a slug making its way though the sector no. Is that clear?”the captain asked. “Yes sir. Quite clear!” first officer makenzi said. ” alright. Anything else?”he said in a slightly belligerent tone. “No sir. ” he answered in a tapid tone. 

The captain was usually even keeled.he was laid back. Even in hostle situation he was never on throughout edge.  Today was different.  The crew was not accustomed to this. The crew had no idea how to act around him. 

The captain sat down. All day every interaction between the captain and crew went like this. It was very tense. The crew acted like they were walking on egg shells. 

“Captain! “The tactical officer said. The captain was lost in thought. The tactical officer tried again. Then he snaped at the officer. “What?” the captain asked in an anoyed tone. “Sir i have a new secuity report from star fleet security.  ” the tactical officer said. 

“Can you upload it to my council?”the captain asked. “Aye sir.” the nervous officer reported. The captain receved it.he looked over the report. 

“May i speak to you in private? ” the first officer asked. “Of course.commander omron you have the bridge. ” the captain said.the captain got up from the comanr chair. The exo followed him. The bolion officer sat at the command chair. The two entered the ready room.the door closed. 

“Is there a problem?  You have been uncharacteristicly irritable? ” don mekenzi asked. “No i am fine.”he said. “This is not like you. You are bit touchy. This is alarming behavior sir. ” the first officer said.”your probably right don. I will tone it down. ” he said.

“Ok! Thank you sir.” the first officer said. He nodded.the first officer left the office. He sat down at his chair. He breathed a loud sigh. He put his head in his hand.

The chime rang. The captain did not want to have any visitors. He was not sure he could turn that person away without arousing questiones he desperately did not want asked.Reluctantly he agreed to let them in. “Come in!” the captain said.

The door opened. It was lt. Losera the vulcan science officer who entered. ” lt, i was not expecting you. ” the captain said.

“I know why you are out of sorts today. ” she said. “Did you come to lecture me on how i am behaving in an irarional ilogical manner? ” the captain asked. 

“No i am not hear to lecture you! “She said. “Then why are you hear?”he asked. “I thought you might want someone to talk to. “She said. “This ship has a counseling staf. Why would i chose to confer with a vulcan who cannot identify with what i am experiencing? “He asked. 

“You are mistaken. I am non emotional. That is not the same as unsympathetic.  Vulcan may not react to loss as humans do but that does not meen that we are not effected by such a loss. “She said.

“I Dont want to think about it! I want to be normal again.i want to be back to being me. “He said.”this loss has changed you. That is unavoidable.  You can adapt to those changes. You cannot  Avoid the loss. You have to confront it. Ignoring it will hardly cause it to go away.  ” she said. 

“I know your right. I Dont like it but i know your right. I will try to do that. Its been four years. “He said.”some things take longer then usual.  ” she said.

“How does a vulcan deal with loss?”the captain asked.”while we do not mourn in an enotional way as humans do,we do not deny that the loss has occured. We atempt to pass it. Sometimes that is more difficult then other times. The loss of the intrepid with all hands was troubling even for vulcans. A vulcan officer on the grisson could not handle it.” she said.”i know the account.  I dont want to be alright. I Dont want to move on but i also want to. I want to move on. ” the captain said. 

“That makes sense!”she said. “It does! ” he said. “Yes it does. It is natural for you to want to move on but to also to not move on. Particularly now after it has been four years.  ” she said.”i thought i was ok. I finaly was starting to come to terms with it but im not. Not at all. I am as lost as i ever was. ” he told her. 

“Lost but not alone. ” she told him. “Why do you care? Is it mearly because you want a compotent commander at the con?”he asked.  “You should know me better then that eric. My concern is genuine not for any other reason. Why can you not trust me?”she asked.

“I do trust you losera. ” he said. “I thought you did. You can. I am not hear as a star fleet officer. I am hear as your friend. “She said.” i appreciate that lt,uh losera. “He said.

He huged her. He realized what hw was doing was inappropriate.  He started to move on. She prevented him for doing so.”it is fine.” she said. He held on to her.”thank you. ” he said. 

The rest of the day he was better. He was glad when his shift ended. He turned over the ship to the night shift duty officer. He was happy to go home. He picked up his kids from the ships day care. He took them to his qurters. 

A couple mounths later.

He saw losera in the turbo lift.he entered. “Computer hold the lift. “He said. The lift stoped. “Losera. May i ask you something off the record?”he asked. “If course eric.” she said. “Do you want to go out sometime?”he asked.”are you asking me out in a date?” she asked.”i am. ” he said. “I would be agreed to that. ” she said

“Very good.”the end.

The cry 

Her life had fallen apart.  She felt like her life was over. How could she not.  She went to her bed room.she got under her covers. She made sure that she would not be seen. 

She did not want anyone to see hwr cry. She did not want anyone to know that she waa crying. She could not.  She refused to show fear. No one could see her cry. She was determined to show strength at all times.

She stil could not deny how she felt.she was sad. She felt like a dead girl walking. Dead but stil moving. A zombie.  She lived but not really.  This was no t real life

She had held off long enough.  She decided to surender. She would now give herself permission to cry. She found it difficult to even get off one tear. As she thought about all that had occurred,  the first tear came. After that the tear came more easily. Then the tears came and came. It was unavoidable now. The tears came like a flod. 

She surrendered. She was tired of fighting it. She would not fight it any longer.  She would cry. She would keep crying until the feeling hae passed. Until she no longer felt the need to cry. She had no idea when that would happen. She hoped she would run out of tears. At least tonight.  How does hurt like this subside? 

When she was born no one would have thought this would happen?  Kathleen Anglia sulivan was the daughter of thomas and luara sulivan. She had an older brother and thre sisters  and a yonger brother.  Her father was a lawer. Her mother a stay at home mom.

Kathy was her farther’s daughter. She hung out in his office. She had memorized the local penel code when she was eight. She used to line up ten of her stuffed animals and pretend that they were the imperial surpreme court. Her favorite bear bear the bear was the chief justice.  

She was going to be a lawyer. She planed on one day runing for the house of comons. Her family were from a middle class. Her great grandfather Cyrus sulivan was a murchent. Her farther was more interested in law then business. The patronism or some would argue chronism have been replaced by mercantilism.  This has alowed the rise of a professional class. Doctors lawyers,bankers,scientist and academics. 

Kathy’s. Family were not ritch but well to do. Then her farther got into gambling.  It provided an adrenolib rusg. He won for a time. He could not stop.  He lost everything. His only recourse was to sell kathy into slavery. 

Her oldest brother coukd not be sacrificed. He was the hair apparent.  Not that there much to inherit.  This was stil a male dominated society.  Thomas philip was sparred.  

Her youngest sister was a baby. Her oldesr brother was five. The burden feel on her. It was felt that she was old enough. Tobe able to handle it. Her education made her more valuable. What master would not pay a smal fortune to have a colege educated student with a 4.0 g.p.a as a slave?  She alone would put the family on tract to getting out of debt. She hated this . 

She was a slave. Perhaps for the reat of her life. She felt like she had no hope.  There were stores of wives or daughters captured by barbarians.  Some family patriarchs would do whatever it took to get them back.  This time the family turned her over to the barbarians.  

She finaly calmed down. She fell her asleep. She did not have answers.  For a second she was at peace. 

  1. The end

 The target part two

National security agency 

“You wanted to see me? “Andrew Greer asked. “I do. I am reluctant to talk to you about this. It could be nothing but it could be something. “Dillon holis said. “Alright. What is it?”Greer asked. He flashed a picture of a young women with her young child. 

“This is Kelly Dearborn. Twenty three years old.she  works as a administrative assistant in a lawyer’s office. She has an associate degree as a paralegal.she has one daughter. Aside form a parking ticket she is a law abiding citizen. Up to date in her taxes. She does not vote.not politically active. She has been doing a lot of research into the activities of the president. His schedule . She is spending a lot of time keeping up on the president activities intinesry. She has spent a lot d time on line looking at alt right message boards libertarian and Alex Jones and fringe groups. She done a lot of research into hard right groups,white supremacists and right wings groups with direct or indirect ties to terrorist or suspected terrorist activities. She seams to be associated with this man. Craig  Walter craven . Craven is proponent  of ligelizing  merijuana.  He is showing signs that he may be heading towards becoming a domestic terrorist. He shows sign of being a peeper and a survivalist. ” He said. 

“Do you believe that she is going to become radicalized? “Greer asked. ” I don’t know. She has no signs of being extreme. Her internet activity has become very alarming. I don’t know if she is becoming a terrorist. It is concerning. “Holis said. 

“What would make a single mom with no interest in politics suddenly become obsessed with the government?”Greer asked. ” She was the victim of a sexual assaults a few years ago. The rapist was charged but let go. She could feel that the government let her done. She could find far right ,alt right and libertarian ideology attractive. “Holis said. “Craven we think he is a real threat?,”Greer asked. “He is in our rader. The secret service and homeland security is keeping a close eye on him.  ” Holis said. “I want a complete profile on Dearborn. I want to know everything there is to know about her.get me a profile on craven too. “He said. 

Kelly kept a close eye on craven. She scanned his face book,Twitter Instagram and other social media. He had a blog as long. His blog was very libertarian. It started off talking against merijuana prohibition. He had a detailed position paper o. Medical marijuana. He then eqaited merijuana prohibition with alcohol prohibition. Then his blog went form detailed opinion editorial to rants . He threw epithats at the president,his governor,senator and other officials. He made death threats. He was unhinged. Unglued. Kelly dad them.she did not just read them but she deconstructed them and deconstructed them. She knew everything there was to know about his writings. 

 The n.s.a thought that she was analcholite of craven. She was a fellow traveler.  They did not know that craven was the accused rapist yet. They did not know that she was stalking him. They figured that she was a groupie an admire perhaps a confederate and potential co consperitor. They believed she could be a threat to national security. 

Kelly spent most of her time not at work watching craven. She kept a close eye on him. She tried to understand him. Was he a real danger to the country. Was he all talk? Could he become a killer?  How far would he go? 

 ” You can’t beat me kel! ” An Imignary craven said to Kelly. He imagined him being in the room. “I have to try!”she said. ” You will fail. will always win. Your too weak. You are a croward. You are fragile. Your not strong enough to defat me. I have become  death the destroyer of worlds!”he declared. “Your not that scary. Your like the wizard of Oz. Your nopolien without the army. You are a little coperal. You think you become something. You think your what? Alexander the great? Ghandi, Rush Limbaugh , timmecveigh, george Washington? Your none of that! Your charles manson perhaps. You will be forgotten. You will fail!”she said. 

“You don’t believe that? You know I am a gient amount man. You know that I am not talk. I am hardly sound and fury yet signifing nothing. You know what I am . You know who I am.  As much as you say I will fade away to dust. You know that I am the future. I am a visionary . You just don’t like my vision. Love me or hate me you can’t ignore me” craven said. 

“No I will not ignore you! I will not fear you. You do not scare me?” She said. “Come on. Can we proceed without the bluster. I know your thoughts. I know how scared you are! I see your teers. You are not strong? You are week. You will always be a scared little girl. I will be conquer the world. ” Craven declared. 

The phone rang. She snapped to reality. She wiped the tears form her eyes. She tried to regain her composure. She looked at the caller ID. It was her sister. “Hey Kat? ” Kelli said. ” Hi Kell. ” Kat said. ,”How is it going?”Kelli asked.”good. Look Kell you have been so distent lately. Why don’t you and Mia come over. We can movie night.  “She said. “Not tonight. I am tried.”she said. “Tomorrow night? “She asked. “I have a busy day at work. I would rather just go home.”she told her. “This weekend then? “She asked. “I can’t commit to anything but we will see !,”she said.”,Kelli I am worked about you. You hardly leave the house. You don’t say much.  You OK?”,Kat asked. 

“I like being home . I always have. I am not dipresed or suicidal. ” Kelli tried to assure her sister. ” You can see why I would be concerned ?”she asked. “Yes I do. It is unwerented Kitkat. ” She said. ” Alright. You can talk to me about anything. “She said. “I know that.”Kelli said. 

Kat knew that something was up. She just did not know what. She was really worked. She did not feel that she was  at an intervention time. She feared that they might be close. 

F.b.i  field office. 

Special agent bannet donivin looked over a daily beefing. He looked over verious threats. The president was planing a visit to the city. It was donivin job to work with the secret service homeland and the white house to make sure the visit went without incident. He looked the briefings over. He looked over a file on craven. Then he saw a file on Kelly. 

She was pretty. She was young. She hardly looks like a threat.she looked sad.sbe seamed to be hiding her sadness. He still saw it. Perhaps other might not see it but he said it. He was a. Expert profiler. He had worked on profiling serial killer befor being put In charge with stoping terrorist attacks in the sate. He looked over the file. No one was sure that she posed a risk. They could not rule out her being a thread. He would have to keep an eye on her. He would.

End of part two. 

The huging monster 

There was those that site the healing power of hugging. They claim that  huging that cause people to feel better. While most would agree that there is no science behind it. What if there really was heeling properties of huging.what if huging could release some kind of energy?  What if the energy release just happened?

Joe anesley was one of those people who were affected by this energy.  When he was a young boy,he skined his knee. He ran to her mom. His mom gave him a great big hug. He could feel the wound heeling. When he checked the wound as gone. His mother though that he was just being dramertic. She had never seen the bruise. She thought it never existed. He was young and had no idea what to make of it. 

Then he got a paper cut. He hugged a teacher. The scar vanished. Some of his pychologest believe that he was needy. School officials even suspected that he might have been abused. The sate sent investigators to the home of Joe and his family to make sure nothing was going on. It was determined that the family was fine. 

He started to back off. He had to b be carefull. Then when he was in college he was in a car accident. He said to the parimetic. ,”Please give me a hug?”he said. The female perimatic was taken aback. Usually she would not do something like this. She wanted to help. She gave him a great big hug. She saw energy hit him. Suddenly he as cured.has she not see it she would never beleve it. 

He was taken to the hospital. They did tests after test. They did every test they could think of. No one could explained it. They tried it on he others in the same car as Joe. It did not work. The bugging therapy only seemed to work on him. No one knew why. That sumirsed that his make up was sligly different then most humans. Some suspected that he might be part of a sub group of humans  Perhaps a kind of homo superior of some kind.  

Joe hated the publicity. He just wanted to be left alone. He hated being the object of attention. He decided to take his own death. He then went to the other side of the country. He changed his name and everything. He even. Dyed his hair. No one suspected that he was not who he said he was. 

 He started to become addicted to hugging. He could hardly socialite hugs. Offering free hugs would be seen as weird even creepy. He decided not to do that. He started to going to support groups. He offered hugs. Hear you could get away with it. No one suspected that he  had an ulterior motive to wanting hugs. 

Everyone loved him . He was so kind. He was so attentive. ” Hey do you want to go out for coffee ?” Heather asked. “Sure!”he said. He was reluctant to get too close to any one. “I am glad your hear . I am glad to get to know you.  Heather said. “You seam really sweet! “He said. She smiled. “Thank you”she said.

Heather was a single mom. She had two kids. She had lost her husband. He had served in the military and died over seas.she was still young. While Joe had a bit of a crush on her,he did not want to to get too close to her.he did not want anyone to learn his secret. They might not understand. 

They ended up spending a lot of time together. He felt he had to end it. He takes his death again. He went to middle America this time. He decided to avoid physical contact.he suferd form withdrawal. He went up and gave someone a hug. The hug came at him. He ended up in a coma.the person he hug also had the ability. It caused a chain reaction. It shorted him out. 

He woke up after several months in a coma. He had lost his ability. Now he was a normal human. He was a mundane human. He got out of the hospital. He returned to life. He tried to adjust to his normal life. 

The end 

 Please do not try to get hugs form random people.  We do not recommend that behavior. This was a work of fiction. 

Pregnancy ward 

Prisoner 1171464

Jaime Becky Simon 

Rebecca Simon’s was arested for disloyalty. She votted for a candidate for Parliament that was not in the same party of the president. She voted against the candidate perfered by the president. While ballots are secret,she told a friend who told a friend who told a friend who told the local loyalist party. 

Upon arrest,she was placed in a security force field. The field was controlled by the cival authority. She was taken to a processing center. She changed from her gray suit coat,gray skirt and white blouse to an orange prison issue jump suit. She was then put into a force field with other new female inmates. The force field was generated form a device attached to the ankles of the inmates. She feared that she would be sent Toma forced labor camp.she probably would not survive even a year in such a prison. 

They were taken to the infirmary to be examined. The infirmary was a bit chilly. She figured that that was by design.make the inmates uncomfortable. Not extremely but a little bit. There was alone going.becky felt like she was waiting for a million years. Maybe not a million but twenty.  

Finally it was her turn. She went to the examation. The doctor was a young women in her late twenties. She had long flowing black hair. She appeared to be friendly. As she conducted the exam she said please and thank you the whole time. She seemed to be genuine. 

She did a simple physical. She checked her heart and blood pressure and other scans. “Hum!”she said.”what’s hum?” Becky asked. Becky was a little concerned. Becky had never met the doctor prior to the this encounter. She had nothing to go on. She suspected that something was up. She just did not know what. “Oh don’t sorry your perfectly healthy!”the doctor said. ” That’s good but what’s going on?”she asked. 

The doctor chuckled. “Your pregnant!”the doctor informed her.she was not even sure that she had heared her correctly. “What did you say?”Becky asked for clarification.”your pregnant!”the doctor told her. It took a few seconds for the news to settle in. It was hard to believe. Had she not be facing a prison sentence ,this would be welcomed news. She and her husband Donald had wanted to have a baby. 

Why did it have to be now she asked. “Yes it seams you are having twins.”the doctor said. She and Don had talked about the possibility of having twins. They liked the idea. This would be great news but she was under arrest. She sees political prisoner. She was at the whims of the ruling party. This was a horrible place for an expectant mom.

She had no idea what would happen to her. Would she still be sent to the mines. Would the government and the party that backed that government send a pregnant women to perform forced labor? She had disliked the ruling party but it was policy and philosophical reasons. Now it was personal. The party scared the living daylights out of her. Now she had evidence validating those fears. 

Doctor Valerie teague informed the warden of her condition. The.he warden informed the party representative asingrd to lock up. The party official agreed to alow to be held in the pregnancy ward until the courts decided what should happen to her. 

A gaurd entered the eating room in the intake transfer area. “Mrs Simon’s. I’m officer Wilson. I am hear of the intake department. I am hear to inform you that you will be assigned to the pregnancy ward until your case is ajudicated. “The gaurd said. 

She thought that this was a relief. She had no idea if it really was. It was temporary. Who knows what would happen when she did appear before a controlling legal authority. She was still not out of the woods. Not even close. She was taken to the tea ever area. “I’m nurse Julie”she said.she was put in a wheel chair. She was wheeled to the ward. She was changed into a pink scrubs. The room looked like a emurgentcy room. There were hospital beds. 

It was not too bad. Her babies had saved her life. She figured she would get along with her children just fine. She hoped that by the time they were born she was near to the time that she would be released. She would qietly serve her sentence. She hoped that she soon would be back home. Until then she would make the best of it. 

Pregnant prisoner were for the most part well treated. They were well fed. She liked the nurses,Gaurav and fellow inmates. The ward was one of the better ran parts of the prison system. It was still prison. It was not so bad.

The end.