The happy killer

“No one should be unhappy. It is the duty of all mankind to be happy. It is a privlegdge that must be exercised. The survival of mankind depends on universal happiness. ” serial killer Luckus Lee Cole.
Whitney Ross was crying. She just got word that her brother had died.he was killed in was his third deployment. He had been twice deployed to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. She felt a gambit of emotions.
What she did not know what that she was being watched. He waited. He ordered flowers be sent to her.  She smiled for a split seconds.then she cried again.
He hated what he was about to do. He felt he had bo choice. He took out the rifle. He adjusted the scope. Then he fired. It was a head schot.she was dead instantly .
A neighbor living in the down stairs of the apartment apartment heard a noise. She knew The girl. She liked her. She was worried. She decided to call the police . they checked it out.
The officer knocked on the door.when no one answered. He broke Down the door. He found her dead. He found a broken window.
Detective Robert Grainger and his partner detective Jake Corrigan were called to the scene.
“Whitny Ross 21. She was a psychology student at the community college.she worked at a convenient store. She lived alone. No pets. No boyfriend. Kept to herself. She has a parents who live in tensile. She has two brothers and sister who live in tenisee. She just lost a brother a few weeks ago. He was killed in combat over seas .”detective corigon said.
“Cause of death appears to be bullet to the head. The crack in the window indicates that the killer was a sniper. He fired from that apartment. ” the responding officer said.
The snipers pirch was an empty apartment. It had been accent for a mounth. The place was searched but there was no evidence of probitive vailure.
” the victim was a work a social life. No enemies. Yet she is dead. ” detective corigon said. “How did her brother die ?” the captain asked. “He was killed by an I.e.d. ” corigon said.
Her last day was mundane.she got up. Went to classes.then went to work went home.
Her social media activity concerned corispondents with family. All other activity was school related. Nothing to give a clue as town someone would want her dead.
“Whait check this out. It is an anonymous post on her obituary on line. ” sorrow is evil. Being sad is the worst thing we could do. We must celebrate a life lived never to mourn a life lost. ” corigon said.
“Could this be form the killer?” detective Grainger asked. “I think it’s possible. ” corigon said. Is this random or did she know the killer?”the captain said. “The whole crime seams dispasonate. It is clean. One schot” corigon said.
“I am thinking x military. Perhaps a trained sniper. ” Grainger said. ” check for te school for x military. Mayby it was someone she knew at school. ” the captain said.
The school records came up with one x military sniper. His alibi checked out. He was rulled out as a suspect.
The detectives intervued the people who worked with her. She was well liked at work.she was quiet but friendly.she was a favorite cashir. They asked about any problem customer. They did not know of any serious ones.
Ann Marie Nicholas heade home from classes. It was a typical day. She was usually a bubbly outgoing girl. She had not been happy lately.her mom was just diagnosed with cancer. It was hard to be her old self knowing her mom was facing tough treatment while she was miles away .
She went to her apartment. She went to the sofa. She had a long cry. He was waiting. He had a rifle ready. He prepared his weapon. He waited. He gave her a chance. If she smiled he might spare her life. She never did.
He would only wait so long. She kept crying. He got his target. He acquired the target. Then he pulled the trigger.
She was hit. It was at point blank range. She fell to The ground dead.the killer then moved on.
This time her mother got worried when she did not answer her phone.she called a fellow student to check up on her.she discovered the body .
The detectives were called in. The crime scene looked almost totally identical to the first schooling. It was Erie.
” Ann Marie Nicholas age 21 pre law major at the local community college. She works as a cashier. Like Whitney she had a family tragedy. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer. ” corigon said.
“Are we looking at a serial sniper? ” Grainger said. “It could be. These two cases are almost virtually identical. ” corigon said. ” we have two young ladies. Both well liked quwt sweet. Why target these people? ” Grainger asked.
” they both experienced a family tragedy. I think that is the connection.” corigon said. ” why target  those who have had family tredegy? ” Grainger asked.
At the station they monitored the social media and obituaries of the two deceased. ” wait I got something!” corigon said. “What do you have? ” Grainger asked. “An anonymous  comment her online guest book at the funeral home.’ann Marie was a cheerfull happy person. She gave in to the evil of sadness. The evil destroyed her. Her sadness killed her. ” corigon said.
” what if the killer targets people who was usually happy but circumstances have made them sad! What if this enraged the killer?” corigon said.
“You got to be kidding? ” captain keeler said. Then he added,”a killer that targets formerly happy people who are now sad. ”
“This killer seams to be fixated on the fact that formerly happy individuals are now sad. ” Grainger said. “This is irrational. Things happen. Even happy people face hard Times. How are they supposed to react?” detective Rachel Reese asked.
“This makes sence to the killer. To him it is rational. ” corigon said. “He is a vet. Probably a sniper. We have a guy who targets sad young ladies. ” the captain said. ” sad young ladies known for there happiness. ” corigon said.
The police department decided to look at a  cold cases perhaps the murder of Whitney was not the first from the happy killer. They looked at older cases.
“We have found seven cases .all young ladies all killed by a sniper. All with family crises. ” corigon said. “The cases seam to have begun six years ago. ” Grainger said. “If it is a vet maybe this was when he returned. ” the captain said.
They reopened the case of who they believed was victim zero.  Kathy Greer was a med student.she was bubbly. Then her brother was killed in a car accident. She withdrew. She almost considered taking a break from her studies. Her neighbor was lucus Lee Cole.
Cole was a us army sniper. He had been honorably discharged from the army just as Kathy had moved to the apartment.  Cole kept to himself. He was quiet .
Cole was intervued after Kathy’s murder. He was rulled out as a suspect. Now to Grainger and corigon he looked like a prime suspect.
“I talked to his old commanding officer. He was decorated. He was a happy guy. He disliked sadness. His fellow soldiers called him a walking inspirational meme. He loved cookie cutter aphorism. ” Grainger said. ” pick him up!” the captain said.
Cole was stil living at the same house. He had worked at a hardware store.he started his own business. It was a book store that specialized in inspirational book and self help books.
“Mr. Cole I’m detective Robert Grainger. This is detective Hayden
Corigon. ” he said. “How can I help you detective?” Cole asked .
“We are reopening the Kathy Greer case. ” corigon said. This perked up his interests .” oh! I feel so bad that her case was never solved.she was so sweet. She had a great heart. She could have changed the world. ” Cole said.
” yes. I can see that. She went on trips around the world. She seem to have a lit of compassion. It is too better she never got to live up to het potential. ” Grainger said.
“She would not amounted to anything I am afraid. She would not have been a disappointment. ” Cole said.
“Why is that?” detective Grainger asked. “She failed to see that happiness is the key to success. The bible says that the joy of the Lord is your strength. In Nehemiah the post exilic Israelites are commanded not to mourn. Sadness is evil. In star wars yoda Said fear Leeds to the dark side. I say that any negative emotion Leeds to darkness. “Cole said.
“Sadness Is a part of is unavoidable. If you lose a love one or a loved one is Injured one can’t help but feel sad. It Wil pass. They will move on. ” Grainger said.
“Sadness is evil. Once evil is embraced it takes over. There is no going back. Sadness spreads. Sadness is a satanic plot. It spreads like a cancer. I hate sadness. ” Cole said.
Both detectives are sure that they had the guy. He was the killer. ” we think that Kathy ‘s killer has edorhers. He targets unhappy people. ” corigon said.
“Well I can’t condone murder. I do understand it. Sadness changes people. It only makes things worse. Life goes on. Only if you let it. Kathy was already dead. In a way her murder was a March killing.euthanasia. she was too sad to live up to her potential. She was a zimbi. She was a walking dead. ” Cole said.
” she could have stil lived up to her potential!” Grainger said. “No it was too late. She went too far. She fell victim to sadness. Sadness is evil. ” Cole said.
They got Cole to confess. They excicuted a search Warner. They found the gun the scope. The evidence mounted. While his lawyers threw ever constitutional objection they could think of. It did not work. Cole was convicted and sentenced to die by lethal injection.
The end.
Originally Grainger was suposedy to be the smart gut with the the story developed corigon became more dominant.
I wanted to do a serial killer story without excessive blood and Gore. I wanted It more physiological then violent .
Usualy in crime dramas like criminal minds the killer has a stressor. Some event I. His life that triggered the events.I decided not to go in that direction. I avoided the stressor.

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