Blue eyed girl

” I had just left the train. I was waiting to meet up with my brother. He was late. I called him. ”
“Greg it’s Barry. ” I said. “Hey bare.oh is this the week you were coming to visit? ” Greg said. “Yes. We have been talking about this for months now. ” I said.
“That is not until the 17th.” he declared. ” yes . that would be today. ” I said.”no way. ” he said
Greig went over to the calender. “Today is oh the 17th. Oops .I Will leave now for the station. Although it will take me two houers to get there.” Greig said. ” you had better get going. I would rather Not spend my vacation in a train station. ” Barry said.
“Dint swet it . I am coming. I just got to put pants on !” he said. “Wait it s two in the afternoon. Why arnt you Waring pants. Wait I don’t want to know! ” Barry said.
“I promise I will be there as soon as I can.” he said. ” ok. See you then. “I said.
“I was feeling slightly annoyed. I had two weeks off. Now I wished I had a staycation. I wished I was an only child . ”
“I tried to make the best of my Time waiting. I picked up a magazine. After reeding an article about voters not sure if they want to give George hurbert walker Bush another term , I decided not to read that one. I was not interested In soup opera digest or  Stewart’s magazine. ”
“I looked around the terminal. Then I saw her. She had blue eyes. She had dirty blond hair. She was about. 5.3. She was around twenty one. Her head was down. ”
“I did not realize that I had been staring. I did not keen to be was not my intention. She looked up at me.I got really nervous. I had no idea what to do. ”
“I smiled at her. She managed to pull a half smile back. I look down. She looked really sad. I had no idea why. I considered going over to her.she might think I was strange. ”
“My curiosity was getting the best of me. It was not any of my business. I took out a pad of paper and doodled. I was going to be hear a while . ”
A few minutes later I looked up.I saw her again. She had been crying. I decided to go over to her. This was unlike me. ”
“Hi!” I said. “Hi!” he said. “Come hear often?”I said. “Was that the best you could come up with?” she asked. “No probably not. I saw that you were crying. You ok?” I asked.”yea I’m ok.”she said.
“Ok people usually don’t cry. ” I remarked.”you can’t really care. You are either a  stalker or bored of both.” she commented. “Well I am a little bored. I am not a stalker. “I tried to assure her.
“I don’t want to talk about it. “She said.” ok. I can respect that. ” I said.”I don’t want to be seem like a nice guy. Your pick up lines suck but you seam ok. ” She told him. “I’m barry ” I said.”chrissy. ” she said.
“It is good to meet you.” I said.” it is good to meet you. ” she said . “I hope everything works out for you I mean that ” I told her.”thank you. ” she said.
“Where are you from?” he asked. “I am living in Oregon. I am originally from concord New Hampshire. That is where I am heeding. ” she said.
“I am supposed to be going to Manchester but my idiot brother forget what week it was or something.” I said.
“I’m sorry.” she said.”it’s gave me the chance to meat you. ” I said .”do you mean that? ” she asked. ” I do. I try not to say things lightly.  he said. ” I did not mean to suggest otherwise. Your Not catching me at my best. ” chrisy said. ” it’s ok.” he said.
“Does your brother routinely do things like this? ” she asked. “Yes he does. Usualy it is fairly benign.normally it does not leed me to be stuck in a train station in mass. ” he said. “That’s good to know. ” he said.
“I badly wanted to know what had gotten her so upset. I did not feel I had the right to ask. I let it go. Even though I did want to go. We engaged in smal talk. Everything from how we grew up to how we got where we are now. Then out of no where she started crying again. I should not have but I hugged her. She embraced me. She hid herself in my shoulder. ”
“I usually do not break down in front of strangers. ” she said. “I did not think you did. Its fine. ” vary said. “My brother was killed in a car accident. I am heading back to his funeral. ” she said.”I am so sorry Chrisy . “he said.
“I felt bad about going on and on about grieg. Despite his ideoscinrecies,I do love him. If something happened to him,I would be crushed. ”
“Were you close ?” he asked. “We used to be . not so much in recent years. I moved away got caught up in my life forgot the life back home. Growing up we were best friends.after I moved we tried to keep in touch but life got in the way. “She said.
“After talking Greg showed up. I was sad he did. I hugged her. We exchanged phone numbers. He asked me if I knew her. I said I do now. ”
“She did call . we kept talking. Wr eventually decided to date. We eventually got macredeand had kids. We eventually moved back east. My brother takes the credet Fr us getting together. I don’t know maybe. ”
The end.

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